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Selling the similar product to the same person

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It is obviously that the senior partner that I have made an appointment with already has done her 'interviews' with different competitors who is trying to selling the similar product to the same person. The senior partner IS already done her homework between the four or five competitors, including the office machine you are trying to sell. When the senior partner asked me about why my machine is better than bran X; I simply reinstated the benefits of why my machine is better than bran X. I gave the best pitch I could to her with all of my true knowledge about the office machine and benefits that would help her.

There are some "What l? ' scenarios that could of played out with my appointment with the prospect: 1 . Could of told the senior partner that the machine that am selling to her has this many more features, benefits, and any other small function and exaggerate its description. This would have been an unethical conflict because I am pitching false advertisement to my buyer, whether or not it is true or false. 2. Another way that I could of responded to her is to say that my machine is the best because of this and that, and flat out say a little white lie. It would have been easy to tell her a little white lie about our office machines. Could of thrown out the paper or even crumple up the paper and say that the company's marketing research of the Brand X 2000 is full of crap. That company is trying to make themselves look better than the rest, and put down their competitors, whether or not I know it was an obvious lie. If was to do any one of the three that I have just listed, that would of bee an ethical conflict. If I was to tell her little white lies, that would be another ethical conflict between the company and the prospect. Companies want to build a relationship with their potential buyers, and continue to grow the allegations.

By having an employee from the company lie to their buyers would crumble the relationship, potentially ending it. This ethical conflict would not be just any ethical conflict, but a business ethical conflict. However, I believe that there is an business ethical conflict that occurred in this case. The business ethical conflict is how the company, the one company the prospect has in mind, gave her their Market Research Brand X, 2000. It violated the business ethic code. That specific business is targeting their competitors, bring their reputation down, allowing that company to shine above the rest.

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Selling the similar product to the same person

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My response to the chart on the piece of paper was neutral and was the most professional response, despite how angry I was. Would you try to reverse your prospect's decision? Why or Why not? I would not try to reverse my prospect's decision, especially if it seems like she has a) basically made up her mind on which machine to get, but needs ensure that she listened to the different office machines and b) she did her 'homework' on the competitors office machine. The reason why would not reverse is because if she is almost certain on which type of office machine to SE, it would be a waste of both, the prospect's and mine's time.

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