Capitalism Promotes Greed and Selfishness

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Capitalism promotes greed and selfishness In capitalism country, not everybody does things with the purpose related profit. Many people also do something or help somebody because of kindness, but for the most major companies or governments in the Capitalism country, they run with the profit purpose. In this kind of operational system, people tend to be greed and selfishness.

Therefore, people in capitalism country being greed and selfishness because of they are in a profit running system; and most capitalism country are developed country, greed is from human nature, then in a specifically environment, it just become bigger; also, revolt is another thread to reflect the oversqueeze from the greed and selfishness level people. Mostly, people in high level, who work for capitalism government or companies, they are work for money. The only purpose to work is make money. Every time they decided to do something or develop some, it means that will bring them profit.

Even people not in this way from nature, they have to be like this, because they are working in such a system. In Goldstein’s article “Capitalism moral system, greed cause its failure”, he mentioned “In fact, one of my biggest fears about entering the business world is being put into a position where I may be asked to compromise my moral integrity and how I would behave under certain pressures?. In another words, if people being too bountiful, they cannot own too much money, everything is a competition, everybody will think themselves during this competition.

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Greed and selfishness are the natural personality for everybody in the world, when people comment a person whether greed, selfishness or not they just focus how much percentage of this characteristic in his personality. When people in a capitalism system, the characteristics of greed and selfishness seem like put under a microscope. The reason of it is when people in a high level, they have already know and have experience of how useful the money it is, then they never back to the life with less money. People have desire, they want more, and never contented. However, it just like a trend or a flu breeding in capitalism country.

When the capitalist desire more, the pressures other people get will become bigger, and when people cannot stand any more, they will against to the capitalist in many different ways. Such as the revolution in Wall Street, people protest in Wall Street, even not show any fear of the policemen. This is a side to reflect capitalist’s greed and selfishness. As what Goldstein illustrated “Capitalism is a moral system, which has unfortunately been exploited by some immoral people. Acting unethically is counter-productive to a firm's success, but selfish people motivated by short-term gains may ignore this fact. Capitalism in an immoral management causes serious consequence. In conclusion, capitalist most likely look at the profit. For this purpose they are mostly greed and selfish, and they have more desire of money, then they just being more selfish because of covetous. Also, capitalism causes consequences, people cannot always stand the egoistical capitalists, they will revolt. Therefore, capitalism mostly promotes greed and selfishness. http://www. collegiatetimes. com/stories/15078/capitalism-moral-system-greed-causes-its-failure

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