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Business Studies

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It includes a range of subjects, which give the student general understanding of the various elements of running a business. Subjects covered include, but are not limited to: Business Organization, People in Business, Marketing, Operations & Production, Finance, and Strategic Management. [l] university of Cambridge considers Business Studies not to be a 'traditional academic subject', although taking Business Studies Individually will not disadvantage students as long as It Is Identified as 'essential' or 'desirable' for the course being applied for.

It Is also suitable when applying for economics at university, If the college the candidate comes from does not offer the economics A-level individually. [2] People's Republic of Bangladesh school-level education is total 10 years and then one has to do another 2 years college if he or she wants to go to university, or after 10 years school one can do engineering diploma 3 or 4 years and then choose to get admission into university.

During 10 years school in year 9 student allow to choose whether they want to do business studies or science or Arts, basically hey choose It on the future career prospective, say a student wants to be a doctor he or she has to choose science group, otherwise the student won't fulfill the requirements of admission Into medical college after finishing 2 years college. So same for commerce. Like If In 9 year they focus on future business career then they should choose commerce, where main subject will be business study, geography in business, accounting, management, finance etc.

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Business Studies

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Hungary[edit]After finishing secondary school, students in Hungary have the option of either taking an accredited 2-4 semester business course and obtaining a eradicate, or applying to college or university. Students can also take part in a 2- semester preparatory business course to have a greater chance of getting accepted by a university. Hungarian business education has been organized according to the Bologna system since 2006. As the first stage of the multi-cycle educational system, a Bachelor's degree can be earned within 6-8 semesters.

In case a student wishes to further his or her studies, they can opt for a Master's program lasting another 2-4 semesters. Of +2 level. Business studies programmer is widely taught in the Republic of Nepal. A number of universities (public and private) are offering business studies programmer under the heading of Business Administration. L. Introduction Modern business organizations are dynamic institutions. Proper understanding of such institutions requires formal study and instruction.

To get exposed to the realities of the business world, the business students need to be acquainted with the operations of business along with the office management systems. In view of this, this course is designed to introduce the students with the foundational knowledge regarding the principles and practices of business organizations. The course also aims to develop necessary skills that are needed to carry out major office activities including familiar business support agencies in Nepal.

This is a theoretical course which consists of eight units. II. General Objectives The general objectives of this course are to: 1 . Provide foundational knowledge on the principles and practices of business organizations; 2. Provide basic knowledge on operational aspects of business organizations; and 3. Develop students' necessary skills in carrying the business office works effectively. Ill. Specific Objectives The specific objectives of this course are to: 1 . Rouse interests in the students in learning the theory and practices of business; 2. Ameliorate the students about the concepts of theory and practice of business organizations; 3. Introduce the students with the knowledge of office management focused on major office systems; and 4. Empower the students through useful methods and techniques so as to enable them to take-up the operations of small business, effectively. IV. Evaluation Scheme: Students' performance will be evaluated on the basis of following structure of questions to be administered in the examination. A. Short Answer 10 (Ten) among which 8 must be solved, each carrying 8 marks = 64 marks B.

Long Answer 3 (Three) among which 2 must be solved, each carrying 18 marks = 36 marks Total = 100 marks Note: - Questions relating to drafting of business letter should be asked under Group 'A' Short Answer Question. [Miriam Dakar] Republic of South Africa[edit]Business Studies can be taken as an elective subject from a student's Grade 10 year through to their Grade 12 year. South Africa has many different standards of Education. Some schools vary in the Exam Board, chosen, to educate their students under.

The Governmental Department of Education allow for children to write NCSC Examinations; this Board is the most widely used in South Standards. Lastly, Business Studies can be taken as part of the GEESE, or can be taken as part of a GEE Advanced Level (A-level) course in Schools run under the Cambridge International Examinations Board, providing a British education in South Africa. Cambridge Schools are of the fewest in South Africa. Business Studies includes a range of subjects, which give the student general understanding of the various elements of running a business.

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