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Business research proposal analysis is a certain economic process in which one chooses the most practical application like management of enterprise resources or a marketing strategy of the company. Business research proposal is subject of business research from a small developing business to International Corporation. Writing business research proposal is an interesting means towards business success.

If business managers want to write business research proposal they should put into consideration some tips like; starting with a clear and precise statement on the problem to be addressed by the proposal and convince other members of the committee on the significance of the issue to be addressed in the research proposal. One should continue developing topic describing history of the business process together with theoretical data.

A suitable system method of conducting thorough study on the topic to be addressed in the business research proposal should be considered. Results part of business research proposal is a logical outcome in the research process. Managers should summarize what they have learnt during the process of proposal writing and how his project can be expanded to benefit their business (Roberts, et. al, 2003, p. 23). Business research proposal should be divided into some section which covers different issues.

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The proposal should have an introduction comprising background of the problem to be addressed, statement of the problem, conceptual framework, objectives of the study; formulate some hypothesis which will guide in conducting the actual research, then significance or rationale of the study. In introduction part, managers should choose a good title concerning the problem they want to address, formulate research objective, question and hypotheses based on the topic. Read also research proposal on Forensic Accounting

They should clearly and briefly describe the general topic and come up with questions to be addressed by the research as quick as possible. They should show why this topic is a problem that needs to be addressed. After establishing the title they should show what they are going to do, the specific questions or issues to be addressed and what they will learn from their work. Managers who are writing business research proposal should clearly explain the significance of conducting the research they are planning to and how it will benefit the business.

They should explain the importance of research and implication of doing the research (Jekobowitz, 2000, p. 34). There is literature review; in this section managers should state their knowledge. The purpose of this part in business research proposal is to situate the research in the context which they already know about the problem they are addressing. This doesn’t have to be exhaustive but has to show how this research will be of benefit to them and why it is important to their business.

This section should establish why they want to read more and why the project should be funded to be completed. Managers should ensure that they give audience enough ties to the literature they feel confident that they have found, assimilated and read. This section should move from more general ideas to more focused ideas and should not be fully exhausted but relevant in addressing the chosen topic. In literature review there should be outstanding questions whereby managers writing the proposal should present the holes in knowledge which requires to be plugged.

In this part, they ensure that their work will fit in and be of significant to the business. After literature review there is part of research questions in details whereby they should tell what they have so far done. One can report the preliminary studies they have conducted in establishing feasibility of the research. This should offer a sense such that those writing the proposal are in a position to add body of knowledge (Roberts, et. al, 2003, p. 26).

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