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Market Research Proposal

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Baby milk powder is growing strongly and rising as a necessary nutrition item for baby at the beginning of development state of life in Vietnam. According to "Baby formula price rise hits poor families" (2013), In recent years, many parents who very care about their children's development, usually choose milk which is imported from US or New Zealand because it may be more nutritious than domestic products although the price is higher than. Also, according to Euromonitor International (n. ), Vietnam is estimated as activeness and strongly develop economy, people are living ith the hectic lifestyles, shorter maternity leave and longer working hours lead woman spend less time for nursing their children. Therefore, they tend to nurse babies by infant formula which offers better nutrition and necessary vitamin for children. In this research, the research team aims to find the relevant information about infant formula market in Vietnam in order to help Oz Dairy Foods enter this market.

By applying the qualitative research methods, especially in- depth interview, the research team wants to identify what Vietnamese parents expect and their perception toward foreign infant formula product. Through that, Oz Dairy Foods may have a suitable marketing strategy to achieve their goal. Secondary research a. Vietnam economy and population research According to World Bank, Vietnam is a lower middle income country which has Gross National Income (GNI) at 1,400 dollars in 2012. The GNI of Vietnam is still lower than average lower middle income level and the growth is Just parallel together.

Comparing to other developing countries in East Asia ; Pacific, GNI of Vietnam is much lower and the gap will probably larger in the future. (Appendix: Figure 1) Moreover, according to the General Statistics Office of Vietnam, Vietnam's birth rate lightly grows to 16. 9 births/1000 people in 2012 which defines the increase in demand for infant formula. (Appendix: Figure 2) b. Market overview Vietnam is highly competitive market for infant formula industry and dominated mainly by international companies including Abbott, Friesland Campina and Mead Johnson; and one domestic company, Vinamilk (Euromonitor, 2013).

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Dielac is the market leader of brand shares in 2012 and follows by Gain, Dutch Lady, PediaSure and Enfagrow (Appendix: Figure 3). Consequently, this will create many challenges in gaining and remaining market snares especially tor new entries. In general, powder ilks prices range from 1 50,000 to 800,000 VND/can that NET weight varies from 400gto 900g/ can. "Help growth and immune system" is the general message of current brands using to attract consumers. It tends to succeed in communicating outstanding quality of additional nutrition and vitamins to consumers.

Besides many opportunities that Vietnam market brings to infant formula providers, they have to face with barriers from the government and consumers' expectation. According to Communist Party of Vietnam online newspaper, Vietnam government applies tariff for imported brands at 10% that is highest in region. Moreover, the distribution system is fragmented and unorganized. The study of Euromonitor in March 2013 about infant formulas in Vietnam points out that Vietnamese parents are increasingly worried about nutrition in infant formula due to the negative effects of a series of scandals through media channels.

The study also clarifies the challenge from Vietnamese government when there is a policy for restricted advertising on infant formula for children younger than two years old in effort to encourage breastfeeding. c. Forecast Despite the difficulty in economic growth, sale volume of infant formula is foreseen to each 53,402 tons in 2017 (Appendix: Figure 4). Consequently, the statistics proves that Vietnam is the potential market for infant formula. Research problem a.

Research objectives - Identify Vietnamese customers' perception and expectations toward foreign infant formula product - Identify key factors that affect infant product marketing mix b. Research questions - Which constitutes that influence customers' decision in buying infant formula products? - What is customer's expectation towards price over value of infant formula product? - What is the most appropriate distribution and SCM for infant formula roduct to reach the majority of customers? - What kinds of promotion strategies and tools that could be successful in Vietnam infant formula product market? c.

Research purpose: The purpose of this research is to determine Vietnamese customers' expectations toward foreign infant formula products; in order to construct appropriate marketing strategy that reaches the majority of customers. Without market research, the company might apply inappropriate marketing strategy; which might lead to failing in Vietnam infant formula market. Methodology a. Research method: Basically, to exploring the customers' perception and expectations toward infant ormula product, in-depth interviewing method will be applied as the most appropriate method for the company to chosen.

Clearly, this is a type of qualitative research which could probably help the company to have a deep understanding about the infant formula market which focus group interview and quantitative methods cannot do. Moreover, two crucially important factors for doing in-depth interview are having more explanation and receiving better results when the respondent is not influenced by other respondents' opinions as well as there is more time and a comfort environment for the interview and respondent to discuss about he subjects. . Instrument development and fieldwork: In order to make the in-depth interview more completed, an interview guide which including prepared questions matching with the identified research problem and the research's needs will be created. Moreover, we will find around 10 appropriate respondents to do interview with them in their preferred places. Furthermore, the chosen interviewer (from the group) needs to be trained and well-prepared before coming to the rendezvous to do the interview.

For instance, the interviewer need to have a deep understanding about the research, the topics or questions need to be overed in the interview and also the respondents' background information to ensure that they can be able to control and lead the interview well. Additionally, when doing the in-depth interview, one member will take the role of an interviewer and the others member will take notes and record the interview. Namely, each in-depth interview between 1. 5 hours to 2 hours will be recorded on tape for the following analysis and completing the final report.

At the end of the day, the whole group will collect all answers and analyze the data by using the data analysis methods mentioned below. c. Sampling: Target population: Demographic: infant formula product buyers (mother/father), married couples tend to have baby - Geographic: Ho Chi Minh City - Gender: Male and Female - Age: Above 20 years old Sampling methods: Basically, there are two sampling methods including non-probability sampling and probability sampling. Probability sampling requires to have information from lists of available respondents; whereas, non-probability does not require them (Zikmund, 2010, pp. 37-338). Although results provided from probability sampling seem more accurate and credible, non-probability sampling is less expensive and save more ime to conduct. Thus, in the research of infant formula product, non-probability sampling method will be used. Specifically, convenience sampling which obtaining available information and respondents conveniently will be applied here. Sampling unit and size: Due to the limitations of time and resources, it is hard to do research on the whole HCMC's population so we Just can do interviews with around 10 respondents.

Research Method Expected Sample Size Research Procedures In-depth Interview 10 HCMC'S citizens Step 1: - Prepare an interview guide - Prepare around 4 topics or 10 questions Step 2: - Contact with the chosen respondents for permission Step 3 1. 5 to 2 hours - Discussion and interaction - Record and take note Step 4: - Choose around 5 most relevant respondents to analyze : - Time frame: Data analysis method Firstly, field editing will be applied on the same day as the interview occurred to ensure that our group will gained appropriate information.

To illustrate, the interviews will be double check by the whole team at the end of the day to avoid as much as possible problems. Clearly, the interviewer will go over his notes to find out inconsistence answers that are not correlated with the interviewee's answers. Secondly, coding open-ended questions will be used to categorize the interviewee's answers into different particular groups by sorting the key words from their provided answers.

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