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Explain how energy evolved over time Into a consumable good. Does It still satisfy the original need for which It was created? Why or why not? How have our basic needs for energy changed? According to Breach (20061 the daily energy use per person has increased from 2,000 kcal when humans were just hunters to 244,526 kcal in 2000. From the beginning of the human race, we have used energy, First by setting wood and other materials on fire, using animals to assist In dally tasks, to using machinery, to finally evolving to the massive use of energy today.

Today energy Is still needed to cook our DOD and make our daily lives easier thus satisfying the original need. Although energy is still necessary, I believe humans use too much Reference: Breach, A. J. (2006). Energy: Physical, environmental, and social Impact (3rd De. ). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson-Prentice Hall. WOK-Q: What is the connection between population growth and energy use? How are each interrelated to the supply and demand of energy consumption and creation? Explain your answer. The Increase In population Is supported by the steady increase of our use of energy.

Modern society is dependent on a massive amount of energy. If that energy were not available or if it declined at any significant amount, it could have a detrimental effect on the population. Should energy supplies decline, price will increase, and the economic challenged population may have to go without needed fuel or electricity. If they are already below a sustaining level, this could be tragic. WOK-Q: Why is it more expensive to transmit electricity locally than over long distances? Please list various reasons for this. Why would an energy plant want to distribute electricity locally if there are fewer profit margins?

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According to Breach (2006), ten percent of electric energy Is lost In the transmission process. Of the ten percent, eight percent Is loss locally. There are higher losses of energy at very low distribution voltage. Therefore, the cost to transmit electricity locally is more expensive. The increase in market share, market growth, and no way to storage unused energy, would be reasons why an energy plant would want to distribute electricity locally even though profit margins were less. Breach, A. J. (2006). Energy: Physical, environmental, and social impact (3rd De. ). Upper Saddle River, NJ: Pearson-Prentice Hall.

WOK-Q: Explain what is meant by base load, intermediate load, and peak load. Why are these incepts important to understanding the production of electricity and energy management? How do these relate to the end users of the product? According to Breach, base load is the basic amount of electricity that is always required. Base load is generated by the utilities large facilities. Intermediate load is the amount of electricity that slowly cycles on and off. Peak load is the time in which demand for electricity is the greatest. Peak load is usually only a few hours a day.

Utilities meet peak load demand by using additional generators that can be stated quickly. Electricity cannot be easily stored. Therefore, demand has to be anticipated by the utility company. Season and time of day are the predominate drivers of consumption. Enough electricity needs to be supplied to meet demand on the hottest day of summer. Maintaining a reliable electric system without interrupting power to the consumer cannot be accomplished without the balance of supply and demand. Describe the extent of damage done to the power grid during Hurricane Strain in Mississippi, Texas, and Louisiana.

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