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Business Policy Ethical Decision Making

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The factory's emission levels are already within legal limits. However, Joanna knows that environmental regulations for this particular toxin are lagging behind scientific evidence. In fact, a scientist from the university had been quoted in the newspaper recently, saying that if emission levels stayed at this level, the fish in the lakes and rivers in the area might soon have to be declared unsafe for human consumption.

Further, If companies In the region don't engage In some self-regulation on this Issue, here is reason to fear that the government ? backed by public opinion ? may force companies to begin using the new technology, and may also begin requiring monthly emission level reports (which would be both expensive and time consuming). But the company's environmental compliance budget Is tight. Asking for this new technology to be Installed would put Canola's department over-budget, and could Jeopardize the company's ability to show a profit this year.

What motives would the company have to install the new technology? What motives would the company have to delay Installing the new technology? Should the company install this new technology? Short Shorts Topic: Workplace Policies and Discrimination Characters: Lucy, Employee at Descendants Don, Manager of Descendants Fred, Owner of Descendants 1 OFF called The Suntrap, located on the local beach. This restaurant is known for nightly bands and great entertainment. The usual uniform for waitresses is Jeans or similar long pants and a "Suntrap" T-shirt.

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Business Policy Ethical Decision Making

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Business is always good during the spring and summer months while everyone is auctioning, but during the winter months there is a steady decline. In an effort to improve business during the off-season months, Fred, the Suntrap's owner, tried a number of new strategies and gimmicks to increase patronage. A past plan was to include extended happy hour specials and complimentary forger foods to customers. His latest successful strategy is to require all waitresses to wear low-cut and tight- fitting shirts and very short shorts. Sales have improved with the new dress, but there have also been some problems.

Many male customers make lewd and abusive remarks to the waitresses, particularly after having several drinks. Lucy is tired of being abused by customers' physical and verbal actions, so she consults Don, the manager, and tells him that she will no longer wear the skimpy outfit. Don tells her to wear the revealing attire for the present. Now, in view of her complaints, Don has to decide what he is going to do. He is reluctant to allow Lucy to go back to the old uniform since he is convinced that the new, revealing clothing is drawing customers that the restaurant badly needs.

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