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What has made Louis Vuitton's business model successful in the Japanese luxury market? The first step was to create a global brand and setting up a multinational corporation, but the most important point was to create an international image.

Louis Vuitton in order to have success during the growth of the brand, they had used a different set of marketing strategies involving the marketing mix, and the success came because of the positioning strategies they used, the process was longer, onsidering to build an entire brand image characterized of class, luxury and elegance, defining Louis Vuitton like a fashion brand. But in the fashion world brands have to differentiate their products from the competition very well, this is why Louis Vuitton takes in consideration this important point.

When they arrived to Japan, they had been following an aggressive marketing strategy, opening extravagant stores. This was possible by the integration of communication strategies and good team performance brand. lt can be done through a combination of communication trategies and the product itself A world brand is defined as the world wide use of a name, term, symbol, design or combination of these concepts to

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In a simplified table or chart, specify the opportunities and challenges for Louis Vuitton in Japan. Opportunities Challenges Adapt its strategy in the Japanese market, facing a weak economy and a shift in consumer preferences. Reducing its risky dependence on the Japanese market Fight against worldwide counterfeiting Face with the posible departure of Jacobs, their principle designer 3. How did the firm enter the Japanese market originally? 4.

Explain how the brand can remain on top in an extremely competitive and changing industry. First i consider to divide in four concepts in order to explain how the brand Product: they focused on sell products with a hig quality, Place / Distribution: had stablished a strictly controlled distribution netwrok backed of an efficient structuring of the company that relied on continously increasing productiviy in design and manufacturing. Promotion / Communication: Price: 5. What are the specifics of the Japanese fashion luxury market?

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