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A brand is a single identity in the minds of the consumer and branding strategies are quite essential in developing powerful brands (Elliot & Percy, 2007). Powerful brands are subject to great branding strategy. In this paper we will discuss the different branding strategies and its advantages and disadvantages. We would also evaluate websites and identify which branding strategy is used in these branding strategies. (A) 1. Jello- www. kraftfoods. com/jello The brand basically uses two strategies that are multi branding strategy and family branding strategy.

The brand Jell-O is under an umbrella brand name Kraft that is why we can say that the organization uses a multi branding strategy. There are different brands of Kraft and Jell-O is a part of Kraft brands. The name Jell-O is used by other products of the same category like Jell-O Pudding and Jell-O Gelatin etc. 2. General Mills (Cereals) – www. generalmills. com This organization uses the strategy of individual branding. The name of the parent brand is not used with the individual brand. For example, the organization have separate brand names for different product lines. 3. Craftsman Tool- www. craftsman. com

This organization uses generic branding strategy and its brands are labeled as craftsman tools, craftsman brushes etc. 4. Segway- www. segway. com This organization uses manufacture branding strategy and it depicts that brands are manufactured by the produced and that is the reason why brands names like x2, i2 cargo etc are used. The name of the organization is used with every brand. (B) As far as branding strategies are concerned there are certain strategies that are discussed below: Generic Branding When brands indicate only the product category it is termed as the generic branding strategy (Elliot & Percy, 2007).

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The generic name is used in the product and the product sells just due to its attributes and not on its brand name. Examples of generic branding strategy is like when a whole seller purchased vegetables from various manufacturers and then it uses generic name to forward the product to customers. In the scenario of the given websites this strategy is used by Craftsman tool Inc. The strategy is implemented in a simple way that is same brand name is used with the entire products. No other brand name is used with the products and the products like Craftsman tool, Craftsman nails etc are found in the organization.

Manufacturer Branding This strategy is exercised by many organizations and it works on a simple principal that brands are created and owned by the producer of that product (Elliot & Percy, 2007). This strategy has two variants that are multiproduct branding strategy and multi branding strategy. The examples of this strategy would be that Bosch makes automotive parts and consumer appliances too (Mondello, Kim, & Kwon, 2008). In the scenario of the given websites this strategy is used by Segway Inc. The organization used its name with all the products but the product names are different like x2, i2 cargo etc.

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