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Branding Proposal

Done is a small, personally owned public relations agency that specializes in event activations. C-Ad’s strong suits are in image creation, coordinating, promoting and managing public events. The activities that are provided, ensures the client’s target customers to understand and remember their brand without having a second to think.

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Our target customers are start-up business, rising small businesses and expanding businesses.

These clients are in need of outsourced public relations in order to gain more information of what the external dimension of their company is in need of. By magnifying our trained, experienced and valued employees, Commanded will definitely earn its spot in the public relations map in advance than planned. Furthermore, by the owner having good relationships in the fashion and entertainment business this will be a competitive advantage on getting the appropriate press for the event activations. Commanded will use the traditional 3 ways of promotion, which are; 1 .

Offline marketing Print ads (magazine, newspaper, flyers, posters) Television/ radio commercials Coordinate events for the opening events and get involved with charity work to get some reputation and a name in the industry because normally, charity events involves a lot of pres and celebrities, furthermore, by building a good relationship with the charity companies and celebrities, it will automatically attract the public eye. 2. Online marketing 2. 1 . 2. 2. 2. 3. Twitter, Faceable and Mainstream Pop-up ads E-mail blasts (different from spam) 3.

Word of mouth 3. 1 . Relying on the relationship that has been made from events, Commanded are hoping and sure that all of our future customers will be satisfied and will recommend our services to family and friends. Our agency’s target audiences are; I Start-up business, New businesses that still do not have any recognition from the community and most importantly from their target customers. Ii Rising small businesses and Small business whom are known in the coal surroundings market but wants to expand into the bigger community. Ii Expanding businesses Business whom are already known but still wants to branch out, and host opening parties which will involve press and possibly spokes person.