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Blizzards vs Hurricanes

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1 2 In 1903 W. E. B. DuBois has said that race was to be the most important issue of the 20th century. This paper examines how the 'race problem' has unfolded in 20th century America, from the immigrations and United States imperialism to the Ku Klux Klan. The paper looks at what happened to help the issues with race why it took so long for America to pass the Civil Rights Act. Finally, the paper looks at the progress made in America in the latter part of the century. The Civil Rights Act of 1964 banned discrimination that was based on your race, color, religion and even national origin in employment and public accommodations.

Then the Voting Rights Act in 1965 that restored and also protected voting rights. In 1965 the Immigration and Nationality Services Act that opened entry to the United States to the immigrants other than just traditional. These acts I believe helped save the United States and solve some of the race and immigrant issues due to Civil War. At the federal level , the Civil Rights Act, the Voting Rights Act and the Fair Housing Act were the highest of the political struggle to improve legislation. But long before these milestones, race-specific policy changed rapidly at the state level.

It was unfair to the diffusion of anti-discrimination policy that provides the opportunities to be able to study the political economy. Also the effects of the policies before the federal coverage applied a comparatively uniform standard to most places at the same time. In the first two decades were the most intense and some people have said that it was the lowest point for Black Americans since the Civil War ended. The rule of the land was the segregation and separation. This caused issues; African Americans had to ride in separate railroad cars, their own drinking water fountain and most of all the black Americans even had their own court houses and hotels. Can you imagine how the black Americans felt? To make matters seem worse the black Americans even had to use their own facilities and were not able to sit in the front bus, only in the back. The whites had much better facilities than the black Americans did. When a black man was accused by a any white person of having an affair with a white woman, a crime or a different kind of charge, they would become lynched. Lynching is known for ‘hanging’ and it became a public event for the white men, women and even the children.

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The whites would hang the body, torture it and the burn the body. This became such a popular horrifying event, that between 60 to 80 black men were lynched each year from the years of 1905 to 1915. I could not even imagine how the children felt seeing this. From the years 1900-1914, the White Supremacist called KKK known as the Ku Klux Klan, was started by a small group of whites from the south. The KKK were mad at the fact that the African Americans got their freedom and that the war ended but most of all that the south had lost all their slaves. They did not know how to react.

Their revenge was to torture and kill the African American’s just because they got freedom and that they are not the south’s slaves anymore . By 1924 there were more than 4 million KKK men in the United States. Griffith To this day the KKK still exists and think the same way they had years ago. There are some people still do believe like the whites did after the Civil War, black Americans have way more freedom now than they ever did. For example black and white’s are now allowed to marry, all can use the same bathrooms, busses and be able to eat in the same restaurants. In my opinion I do not think that all the racial and segregation should have been a problem because we are all the same people just different skin color and some of our beliefs. White people have different beliefs than other white people but they do not hate each other or want to kill them. 5 References http://americanracedescrimination. wordpress. com/2011/01/27/1900-1914-racism-kkk/ Bowles, Mark. D, American History 1865-Present | End of Isolation http://www. nber. org/reporter/winter06/collins. RACE IN TURN

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