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Wireless Technologies Proposal Team B BIS/220 July 2, 2012 Dr. Richard Swafford Wireless Technologies Proposal As Party Plates grows and becomes more successful, new technologies need to be implemented to allow the company to better serve our customers. Today we are going to lay out a new plan to make our deliveries more efficient. Our customers are our number one priority essay writer uk. Serving them with a better product and pinpointing delivery times will help us achieve this. To accomplish this, we are proposing that we integrate two types of wireless technologies in our delivery trucks: GPS tracking systems and Bluetooth.

GPS System Currently, we have five trucks operating all over the city at any given time. With grid lock and accidents, implementing the GPS system will allow our drivers to navigate with HD Traffic information around these areas and make delivers on time. The system we are proposing is the TomTom GO Live 1535M. With this system, Party Plates can set up a Twitter account and our drivers can keep companies informed on what time they expect to deliver. Additionally, if there are any issues with delivery, Twitter messages can be sent out to inform the company of that as well.

The device can also locate the cheapest fuel prices which in the long run, will save the company money. However, there is a small drawback to this system. According to CNET Reviews. com the system says that, “searching the connected services is clunky and, at times, intuitive (CNET 2012). ” Each unit costs $179 dollars per unit and installation is as simple as installing mounts in each truck to hold the devices, totally costs being approximately $1000. Bluetooth Next we would like to equip each truck with Bluetooth technology to seamlessly keep our customers connected with our drivers via phone.

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Our drivers are already using cellphones, however, with the current law, only Bluetooth devices are legal to use in our trucks. We are proposing purchasing Aliph Jawbone Era Bluetooth devices for each driver. This will allow our drivers to take calls without taking their hands off the wheel. The only downfall to this system according to CNET Reviews. com is that,” The Aliph Jawbone Era doesn’t have a dedicated volume rocker, and the way it fits the ear is not as easy and comfortable as we would like (CNET 2012). ” References CNET Reviews (2012). Latest Technology Reviews. CBS Interactive. Retrieved from http://www. cnet. com/? tag=hdr

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