Wireless Fingerprinting Attendance

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This project presents the design methodology of wireless fingerprint management system for easy and time saving attendance. The project is used for the attendance of students at Institution. Since the project is wireless it is portable. As the student impress their fingerprint against the scanner the fingerprint module will match all the points of the fingerprint with the enrolled database.

The data is maintained in the main PC. The WIFI present in the raspberry Pi b3 is used for the data transmission. This device use computer or a PC as the host device to store and verify the fingerprints. Through this automatic system time and manpower is reduced to great extent.Keywords-wireless communication, fingerprint module, raspberry Pi b3, host device.

Aiming at the disadvantages of traditional wire attendance system, a design method of wireless fingerprint attendance system based on inbuilt WIFI technology is proposed. The system includes terminal fingerprint acquisition module and attendance management module in computer. It can realize automatically such functions as information acquisition of fingerprint, processing, wireless transmission, fingerprint matching, and attendance management.

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However, the inclusion of integrated Bluetooth 4.1 and 802.11n WIFI will please many, as it'll reduce the need to scour component sites for cheap USB dongles. The Wi-Fi is particularly good news, as it means you'll no longer need to take up one of your precious USB ports with a Wi-Fi adaptor. The experiment results show the transmission time is saved over one third and transmission efficiency is improved greatly.

It realized low-cost and high-performance wireless fingerprint attendance function, which provided a new wireless fingerprint attendance system for enterprises and institutions. In the proposed paper complete development and implementation of attendance management system is provided. Various modulus which constitutes different parts of the attendance management system are explained using their hardware requirement.


The description of complete attendance management system is given below. The below two sections 2.1 and 2.2 tells us completely about the hardware used in the system and the structure of the system. In the Section 2.2 the flow of the data that is shared with the database or the server in the attendance system is shown.

2.1. System Hardware

a) Fingerprint module: The GT-511C3 is a fingerprint module which consists of a fingerprint scanner. It is a small embedded module that consists of an optical sensor mounted on a small circuit board. The optical sensor scans a fingerprint and the microcontroller and the software provides the modules functionality which automatically processes the scanned finger. The FPS consists of four pins as shown in fig(a). The pins are as follows: Fig. a Fingerprint Module1-UART Transmit (3.3V)2-UART Receive (3.3V)3-GND 4-Vin (5V)b) RASPBEERY PI B3-Fig. b Raspberry Pi b3c) LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)-Fig. c LCD (Liquid Crystal Display)

2.2. Data flow in the system

The system consists of two parts i.e. a) the 'hardware' part and b) the 'software' part. The hardware includes all the components listed above in the figure including the LED, switches etc. The data flow in the fingerprint management system is shown in fig. d .Fig. d Flow of dataThe Enrolment and Authentication is done using the fingerprint scanner present in the fingerprint module. This fingerprint module is connected to the Raspberry Pi interfacing pins also called as GPIO (General Purpose Input Output) pins.

The fingerprint module works in majorly two modes Master Mode- In this mode every student will be getting registered as a new user and that data will be stored in the ROM present in the fingerprint module with a unique id.User Mode- In this mode we will be verifying the scanned images with the stored images. During this verification if the match is available than the data is further send to the Raspberry Pi and through it is stored in the database.The flow of the project is as shown below:Fig .e Flow of project.

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