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Belmont Report

Essay Topic:

Ethics are an important aspect of doing any n’ everything in one’s life.Be it your daily routine tasks/chores or your job or business environment.We should keep our integrity intact by providing consistency in goods & service.

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Secondly we should also abide by the regulations and restrain from un-ethical practices during any phase of our businesses in a socially responsible manner so that we can inculcate a sound business environment with least implication and externalities towards the surroundings.


The Belmont Report states the duties of the National Commission on Health about different types of business practices and the ethical issues involved. The report provides a guideline as to how to prevent issues which harm the elements of the environment (including animals). Following are some major targets of the report; ? The basic ethical principles that should be taken into consideration while conducting any type of biomedical and/or behavioral research which involves any human subjects. ? To develop the guidelines to be complied so as to assure the particular research study is being conducted in accordance with those principles.

The commission was also directed to consider; ? The boundaries between biomedical and behavioral research and the accepted and routine practice of medicine, ? The role of assessment of risk-benefit criteria in the determination of the appropriateness of research involving human subjects, ? Appropriate guidelines for the selection of human subjects for participation in such research, & ? The nature and definition of informed consent in various research settings (Folkman, 2000). Nonetheless scientific research has often produced substantial benefits to the society.

It has also raised some problematic ethical questions. Public awareness grew on these issues due to reported abuses of human subjects in certain biomedical experiments (Saunders, 2004). This involved the physicians and scientists who had conducted biomedical experiments on war prisoners. This led to the legislation being made about any type of research involving human subjects that it would be carried out in an ethical manner. Three traditionally accepted principals regarding the implications are; Respect for Persons:

Respect for a person includes two ethical convictions i. e. the individuals should be treated as autonomous elements/agents and that people with diminished autonomy should be given protection. Beneficence: Respect for people as individuals isn’t enough. We should also be considering making efforts to secure the well being of individuals. Justice: No individual or group of individual should be denied justice with regard to their right to have it. The benefit therefore to all individuals should be given in a ‘just’ manner without any bias and/or discrimination. Conclusion:

Thus the Belmont Report provides a complete and detailed guideline to direct the way how research is being conducted and experimentation been done on any of the human subjects and strictly attempts the organizations to abide by it. References 1. Saunders William L. (2004) Lethal experimentation on human beings: Roe’s effect on bioethics: An article from: Fordham Urban Law Journal. 2. Engelhardt H. Tristram (1988) The Use of Human Beings in Research: With Special Reference to Clinical Trials: Springer. 3. Folkman Susan (2000) Ethics in Research With Human Participants: American Psychological Association.

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