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Nursing Expertise Self-Report Scale and Reflection

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After completing the Nursing Expertise Self-Report, I felt as a nursing profession I was analytical toward each questions. I noticed that most of my answers were drawn from my clinical experience working as an emergency nurse.

I find that I looked at the situation as whole, combining all aspect of nursing from objectives and subjective data while still adhering to all policy and procedure. I also noticed for any aspect of clinical situation that my patients may represent, I strong disagree that emotional attachment would get in the way of good nursing care. In fact, I believed that emotional attachment are a characteristic a caring and compassionate nurse. This kind of characteristic may allow the nurse to be more accurate with her findings because she knows closely of what is consider normal to her patient.

She may be the first to notice a change in her patient’s condition. I thought this exercise was very informative and knowledgeable because it allowed to see how I am grown as a nursing professional. It is a great feeling to see that my nursing practice and decision making comes naturally by understanding that all pieces of information related to the patient is equally important one another. I also find that communication is essential to all aspect nursing care because it allow the patient to feel connected to the staff as well as understand his/her plan of care. As nursing professional we are always using critical thinking to anticipate the next possible event that could occur.

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Although we may not realize it, we tend to forget to communicate with the patient and family as often as we should. This exercise help me realize that I need to communicate with my patient more often to help them understand their care plan and the care providing to them. I also noticed in this self-report scale and reflection that I always follow the standard patient care procedures no matter what situation may present because the standard patient care procedures were written to allow the best possible outcome for the patient.

Nursing Expertise Self-Report Scale and Reflection essay

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