Baldwin Park Naval Base Redevelopment Project

Last Updated: 27 Jul 2020
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The city of Orlando saw a good chance to develop the base property into a mixed-use neighborhood and help establish It to become apart the community once again. The city property was well-planned and organized by the Base Reuse Commission that involved citizens who met numerous times over the course of two years. During the meetings it was agreed upon that the base property would consist of public access to lakes, a variety of housing types, a lively main street and linkages tit existing neighborhoods.

Envision a metropolitan city that has a blend of community dwellings, Jobs and entertainment, all rolled into one. As a part of Its Initiative It was the goal of Smart Growth to redevelop Baldwin Park Naval Base. Smart Growth America Is a national alliance of advocacy administrations that have a vested interest in the growth and development of metropolitan areas and how that expansion impacts the quality of Fife and economic sustainability. Its focus is to construct, urban. Suburban and rural areas by developing housing and transportation opportunities in close proximity to stores, schools and Jobs.

This strategy is Ideal In that It supports area economies and defends the environment. It is the only alliance committed to conducting research, promoting and leading alliance to bring smart growth practices to more communities nationwide. Baldwin Park's residents, workers, visitors, and neighbors will have several choices of how they get around which consist of SO miles of trails and sidewalks that are placed along the streets for walking and biking. With 32 new intersections in this project the traffic will flow more smoothly because of the connection between Baldwin Park streets and the spinsterhood making It less congested.

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The city of Orlando will gain 30 million In annual property tax revenues, meanwhile, the Park will take advantage of the existing power plants and water waste treatment facilities. For many years, Orlando has been a place in Florida that attracts many tourists from all over and the most visited American city In 2009. There are many activities and amusement parks for families to enjoy in this city. Due to the desirable results of the Smart Growth America, according to Davis Pace, CEO of New Broad Street Companies, "It was a great way for the old ownership to exit gracefully. "

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