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Rio Salazar Professor Kampa English composition 122 August 15, 2012 Assumption Paper Music history is the easiest way to appreciate the craft no matter genre, instrument, sound, or origin. It also gives one a chance to get an understanding of what life is like in a different country by the way they dance to their music, or how they react when their music comes on. One thing that should be learned in music history is the appreciation of music.

The second thing that should be learned is how music influences people all over the world no matter the language, whether it is an instrumental or acapella, all people will react different. The last thing that should be learned is the different time periods of all music to see how it has changed over the years. Clearly you can understand that these are the main points of music history. Music appreciation is an important aspect because it allows one to gain knowledge about many genres of music. It teaches the origins of different types of music. It shows one how to expand their range of music.

Music appreciation also allows one to find out the origins of the genres. In many ways music appreciation allows people to expand their taste in music. Music history will teach people how music influences people all over the world. It will help people understand how the music people listen to makes them feel in everyday life, and how it influences the way they dance to the music they hear. Lastly how the different regions influences the music and its style. All in all this is how it would teach the music’s influences on people in their everyday lives.

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The different styles that have been developed over the years would be the next thing taught in music history. First off there would be so many different styles of music as the years go on because, things tend to expand, and music expanded quickly. Also as the years went by music expanded and so did the use of different instruments. Lastly this is how music has changed due to new styles developing over the years, and the use and construction of new instruments. Music is the sauce of life and without it would be bland and very boring with nearly nothing for entertainment.

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