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As a pupil of international advanced sheepskin in computing machine surveies ( NCC instruction ) , we need to make the Database Design and Development Assignment. This database assignment will let you to understand how to use informations patterning and informations analysis ways to the design and development of database solutions.

Harmonizing to this assignment scenario, we will analysis and plan the database system about Research Department of a big Research and Development Company. This Research Department is responsible for can pull off the research undertakings of this company. As I understand, this research section keeps information on every research undertakings which is carried out by this company. The research section keeps the undermentioned information concern with the undertaking. These field names are full undertaking name, continuance, start day of the month, terminal day of the month, internal employee involved and their functions in the undertaking ( functions are project director, principl research worker, developer ) , employee clip, inside informations of any external employees involved in the undertaking, entire undertaking cost, expansive sum received from support bureaus and undertaking result which describes successful or unsuccessful.

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They besides keeps the information concern with internal employees and external employees who involved in their undertaking. For external employee, this research section keeps the undermentioned information: their name, reference, company they work for, how many hours they have worked on the undertaking, cost of employment. And this research section besides have an restrict regulation. That is external employee can merely be the two functions, chief research worker or developer among three functions.

And for internal employee they keep the undermentioned information. They separate information into two parts. They are personal information and undertaking related information.

In the personal information, it contains full name, age, reference, nationality, makings, research squad, ( terminal of contract day of the month besides included if the individual is left ) ;

And in the undertaking related information, they keeps the internal employee involved in which undertakings, current employment station name, class, employment get downing day of the month, and current wage.

But internal employee can make full all functions for every undertakings ( chief research worker, developer and undertaking director ) . Both types of employee may use the assorted functions at the same clip.

The assignment intended to bring forth the entity relation diagram which describes the content and construction of the information of the Research section. And so bring forth the entities with properties and the key of primary and foreign. Then normalise the signifier design to table and set up the ensuing tabular array by utilizing the Data Base Management System ( DBMS ) and enter the trial information to the relevant tabular arraies. Then produce the question which is given in undertaking of assignment by utilizing SQL statement. Then retrieve the needed records from the relevant tabular array.

Analysis and Assumption for All undertakings

Undertaking 1 is to pull the Entity Relationship Diagram of Research section which explains content and construction of the informations held by Research Department of the big research and Development Company. Harmonizing to the undertaking scenario, we got 12 entities for research section. They are valid undertaking, valid project/project, research, employment, employment/internal employee, internal employee, internal employee assign, undertaking assign, external employee assign, external employee, function, and undertaking. Then we produce the logical diagram with relationships. And so, we have produced the physical entity relationship Diagram by analysing the logical diagram. We besides consider how those entities relate. We can cognize how to divide the tabular array and how to associate the ensuing entities by making this undertaking. We can acquire more understanding how to pull a entity relationship diagram.

Undertaking 2 is to bring forth the ensuing tabular arraies from entity relationship Diagram and stipulate which is the primary keys and foreign keys. Then, we produce the entities with possible properties by the scenario. If you want, you can see the some extra properties for your tabular arraies. We can cognize how to transport the properties and how to delegate the key of primary and foreign.

In undertaking 3, we normalize the four signifier design to tabular arraies. And we besides need to depict the stairss of standardization for these tabular arraies. In this undertaking, we will divide by sing the properties or Fieldss non to double. We can cognize how to make standardization for tabular array.

Undertaking 4 is to construct the consequence of normalized tabular arraies as the database design and put up the possible well-designed trial informations at minimal 5 records for each tabular array. And take the information base direction system ( DBMS ) to construct the tabular array. For this undertaking, we choose the Microsoft Access 2003 for constructing the consequence tabular array. And so we set up the consequence tabular arraies by utilizing the entree 2003. And so we have entered the possible trial informations more than 5 records in the corresponding tabular array. By doing this undertaking, we have got how to construct a database system and how to enter the informations in the relevant tabular array.

Undertaking 5 is to make the questions utilizing the Structured Query Language ( SQL ) . In this undertaking, we have created three questions harmonizing with the relevant tabular array. First, we produce the question which displays the name of all of Heads of Department together with other functions which they employ and the current station that they hold. The Second, we produce the question which display the name of all the current Senior Lecturers with the section name that they employ and their full wage which include the amount of the wage and the entire extra payment of all that they will have for function. The 3rd, we produce the question which display the name all of Heads of Mathematics Department from 2000 to the present and current station and making. By doing this undertaking, we have known how to make question better and how to recover the information from the relevant tabular array.

By doing this assignment, we have got many experiences about the database system and how to analysis, design and implement. And so we have improved our cognition of the database system.

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