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Last Updated: 06 Aug 2020
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Bullying among college-age children is undesirable aggressive behavior involving a real or perceived strength imbalance. the motion is replicated over time or has the potential to be repeated. furthermore, all kids who are bullied and bullying others can have extreme lasting problems. over the past few months, I’ve observed a lot of bullying that is occurring at central nation university especially amongst the LGBTQ community. As a result, several fights have broken out around the campus and a rise in drug use is being used as a way to deal with the problem. Clubs and organizations also can be a problem to the bullied.

While these groups can ideally assist in helping and bringing students together, they can in fact lead to power imbalances and violence, alienation and guilt, bullying and exploitation, and embarrassment. In general, community bullying, bullying among individuals and non-members, and corporate bullying are all ongoing problems between brotherhoods and sororities. Hazing is typically related to Greek agencies with a procedure linked to harassment. In order to help this ordeal, we should start an organization that spreads anti-bullying awareness on campus, there should be more reach outs for individuals that are dealing with being bully. Secondly, Drama is the daily challenges facing all adolescents. There are no victims and there are no assailants.

Actually, it's just them that are part of the social universe which sometimes means things happen. It is the real right to go through childhood, which teaches children how to deal with social issues. Bullying, on the other hand, is an action characterized by the aggressor's repeated pattern of dismissal or negative actions towards the victim. Bullying is dangerous, which can lead to extreme short-term and long-term consequences for both victims and perpetrators if left unchecked.

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There are numerous types of bullying but however cyber bullying has greatly affected many people. I'm just going to praise the way web-based social networking has given everyone a voice; even people who might feel unthinkable. Sadly, you may sometimes come across the negative pages or individuals when it comes to letting anyone post what they might want; and that's how cyberbullying happens. Because I'm involved with social media sites, I can\'t complain about the daily amount of negative comments I see.

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