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Bullying Essay/Story

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Note: This is an essay based on a true story. This was used in a olo provinical exam in the past to help prepare for my English 10 provincials this past summer. Names were changed for identification reasons. Bullying is one of the most common issues in today's society. Bullying occurs in school, work, or our own neighbourhood. Bullying also occurs online. Bullying is one of the hardest things to get over, and this is my story. ~Intro ~ During the years I was bullied in school, I had a time sticking up for myself and did not feel completely about myself.

I have been called names, been target for pranks, and I know was physically and sexually harassed by my peers and classmate. The only two people I can trust is my best friend since 8th grade Rue and my grandmother (who is my guardian). When something happen to me during the school day, I try to be silent about it and try not to let it bother me. My way of getting away from bullying is listening to music on my iPod. ~Chapter 1~ Grade 8 was the most emotional, stressful year I had in all of my school years. This is because this one girl named Clove, was ruining my life.

She would tell anyone I was trying to get to know that I had some sort of diseases and advice them to stay away from me and forces them to be friends with her. She took one of my good friend from dance in the past. She made everyone of my friends to go against me, except for Rue. She stayed with me until the end. Her and I are still great friends today. We may not go to the same high school now, but we try to see each other whenever we can. ~Chapter 2~ Clove, however, got meaner everyday. One time, her and her friend Glimmer wanted to talk to me after our class made cookies in Home Ec near he end of the day. We were allow to take the cookies home to our family and put them in a bag. Both Glimmer and Clove had one paper bag. I said yes then they took me outside under the huge Oak trees behind the school. Clove asked Glimmer to leave her and I some privacy. Glimmer left us after that. Clove asked me if I saw Clove's boyfriend-at-the-time Peeta a couple days ago and kissed him. I already knew that answer to her question because I was doing my homework on that night. So I said no. Clove was assuming that I was lying to her and stared each other for a few minutes.

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What I didn't know is that Glimmer was sneaky creeping up to me and dumped an entire flag on me. Clove and Glimmer ran away laughing, leaving me shocked and completely covered in flour. I ran to the classroom (and it was also raining that day too) angry and furious. When I walk into my homeroom classroom, everyone was shocked and asked what happen. I told my teacher Ms. Kennedy what happened to me and made Clove and Glimmer stay in the office and sent me to the principal office. ~Chapter 3~ Our principal Mr. Burwell, couldn't believe what he has seen when I walk into his office that day.

When I sat on the extra chairs in his office, little traces of flour from the top of my head fell down to the chair as if the flour was snowflakes falling down from the sky. He asked me what happen to me and I told him the story. He was completely stunned. Ms Kennedy walked into Mr. Burwell a few seconds later after I told him what happen. Ms. Kennedy asked me who was picking me up and I sad my grandpa is picking me up. My grandpa's 2009 Hyundai navy Elentra was sitting in drop off zone, waiting for me to come out. Ms. Kennedy then ran outside and the pouring rain and told my grandpa to come inside to the office.

He was confused and wondered why he needs to come inside, that's when he saw me in the principal office, covered in flour. My grandpa was shocked and ask what happen. My head started to irritate me and scratched my head as hard as I can until my scalp started to sting and bleed from the flour. The white small snowflakes from head continue to fall into the chair. Mr. Burwell asked Ms. Kennedy to take me to the handicap washroom (which was located by nearby his office) to try to take some flour off of my face while he explains my grandpa why I was covered in flour. When Ms.

Kennedy was trying help me to take some of the flour off my face, it irritated my skin. I just want to rip off my skin and let myself bleed to death. ~Chapter 4:~ When my grandpa and I came home from the principal's office, I ran upstairs to my living room and burst into tears. I didn't understand why Clove was doing this to me. I mean, why me? When the last month of school came along, it was the worst month of my life. This is all started when Clove decided to throw a birthday party for Rue. One of the food that was "suppose" to be provided at the party was a look-a-like oatmeal cookies, but they didn't taste like oatmeal at all.

Clove, Glimmer, Cato, and Marvel (or I call Clove's friends the "Career Tributes") forced me eat this cookie that was filled with dead insect, dust, dirt, broken eggs shells, you name it. I felt sick for 2 weeks after that incident. ~Chapter 5~ I went to Rue's part a couple days after the cookies incident. I bought a nice, brand new outfit for Rue's party. A blue tank top with lace on the top and on the bottom on the shirt, a dark grey skirt from American Eagle, a light black jacket to go on top of my shirt, and my black Franco Santo wedges I got from my grandma for Easter when she went to Seattle a week before Easter.

The party began at an Italian restaurant. I had a terrible time at the restaurant because Cato "accidentally" split pasta sauce from the meal he ordered onto my brand new top. I knew pasta sauce was hard to remove on clothes. We later went to Clove's house, which it is not far from the restaurant. Clove told everyone that will be a water fight in an open field across the street from Clove's house and told everyone to get change into their swimsuit. I, however, did not know there was going to be a water fight, but I remember Rue told me that the party is going to do something with water.

During the water balloon fight, I had a hard time throwing the balloons at everyone because the size of the balloon was so big over my small child-like hands. The Career Tributes, including Clove, enjoyed this fight. Why? Because I was their. Of course, they had to use me as their target. After the fight, I was extremely cold and wet thought that I was going to get a nasty cold the next day. ~Chapter 6~ We then watch Drag Me To Hell, a horror movie. Rue hates horror movie. I gave Rue her birthday present while the movie was on. I got her a journal, and a book call Three Cups Of Tea.

I also made her a homemade card, using my grandmother's extra card stock and stamps she collected over the years. Rue loved her present and the card. Meanwhile, while everyone else was watching the movie. There was a killing scene on the TV. Everyone jump, including Cato, who split an entire glass of lemonade on my brand new skirt. I was so close of slapping him on the face. He spilt the lemonade juice on me on purpose. ~Chapter 7~ After I got home from the party was over, I went home with my Dad, and my sister Prim, angry and upset. I have to take action, but how?

School was ending in 2 weeks, so what's the point? Nearly two 2 weeks later, just a day before grade 8 grad, Clove and I got into a fight. She was violent and horrifying, like if she was going turn into a nasty beast. She punched me, scratched me and called me names. All I did was telling her what I thought about her. Telling her that she stole Peeta from me, I tried to fight back. , but I didn't want to because I know that fighting is not a way to solve the problem. Her career tributes were right behind her to defend her. The rest of my classmates went along what Clove told them.

Too scared to stick up for themselves. They were afraid of Clove and they did not want to go against her. They just watch me suffer. Rue was trying to break up the fight between me and Clove. The scratch on my left arm, nearby my elbow, turned into a scab. The scab drove me crazy and I couldn't stop scratching it. I decided to turn the scab into a scar. To show people how violent Clove was really was. ~Chapter 8~ Finally, at last, Grad day came along. Unfortunately, though, I had to miss grad practice a couple hours before grad because of Clove.

I had to sit in the office for the hour while the my grade 8 class was practicing for the ceremony. I hate the fact that I missed something that was once in a lifetime, but Mr. Burwell was only doing this to protect me. The rest of the day, everyone (except for the Career tributes and Clove) signed my year book. The torture was finally over. No more fear. No more hiding. No feeling like I want to take my own life and cutting myself. I can move from this nightmare and go to high school in peace. The best part of going to high school, is that I wouldn't have to worry about Clove anymore. Epilogue~ In the end, the story is on my mind everyday lie it was grade 8 all over again. One of the thongs I learn is to speak to others. When I talk to someone about things, it makes me feel better. When I left middle school, Clove and her tributes mates left me a lot of damage, physically, mentally, and emotional. When I see my self in the mirror, I don't feel beautiful and sees myself as an ugly person and wishes to have plastic surgery. When I do my hair and make-up, the comments of what Clove and her pack said to me would bother me.

When I go clothes shopping, I would hate it because I'm not skinny and fit like Clove and Glimmer. to be honest, it's hard to get over it. It will haunt me for years to come. ~Note~ If you notice on the names of the characters (expect for Mr. Burwell and Ms. Kennedy), you may recognize their names because they are from the Hunger Games by Suzanne Collions I look up to Katiness Everdeen (the main character in the novel) as a role model because she fought what she believed in and got through the worst through out the novel. I also got introduced the Hunger Games in grade 8 by my learning support teacher, by Mrs. Collions.

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