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Bullying in Schools Argumentative Essay

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Bullying in Schools All over the country everyday bullying is becoming a bigger issue in public schools. There is a large number of bulling through most middle and high schools with students being harassed and making poor life choices. In this report you will learn the statistics causes, and ways of prevention for bullying. There are many sitistics about bullying I have listed below a couple of examples. Example one, Research shows that 60% of kids bullied in grades sixth through ninth had at least one criminal conviction by age 24.

Research also shows that 15% of fourth through eight graders may be severally distressed as a result of bullying. In my opinion, these percentages are increasingly high; there should be more self discipline in public schools. Students do not know that when they bully one another percentages go up and self-esteem goes down. Each day people have no idea that the stuff that they are doing and saying causes many problems within our students and community! The courses of bullying are different with each person but most cases are because of the reasons provided below.

One cause is because children do not have strong listening communication and problem solving skills. Another way students get bullied today is because they are emotionally, mentally, and physically weaker then they’re tormentors. This shows that them being smaller and weaker gets them targeted faster. Even if this is not right students these days do not care, they just want to feel more powerful then their peers, no matter who it hurts and no matter how it affects others. A large amount of children today suffer at the hands of their peers.

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As bullying gets worse schools look into methods for preventing such actions. These can be prevented by boosting children’s self-esteem and making them more comfortable around others. Another way of preventing bulling is a combination of adult supervision and intervention to change schools culture by teaching students how to handle conflicts. Plus if you are a student getting bullied don’t be scared or afraid of talking to any adult, friend, supervisor or any one you can feel safe talking to. This action of bulling is not something to be messing around with and it will be stopped at once.

No student or child should have to go through any kind of bulling, it’s just not right, and it should and will be stopped if heard about. This is how schools are preventing bulling all over the districts. The information listed above provided you with sististics, causes, and prevention of bullying. It showed how many students in our school district get bullied and how it can affect them in many ways. I have talked about how it is cause and why it is happing all over schools. Finally I have talked about the ways of stopping bulling and how serious it really is and how it is no joking matter!

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