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Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying has become a result of teens committing suicide. Last fall Audrie Pott was allegedly ganged raped by three boys after she had fallen asleep do to the consumption of alcohol the three boys later, tormenting her with pictures of her engaging in a sexual form with one of these boys. Pictures were shared around school as well as texting the images and posting them online.

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After being tormented for two years she started developing suicidal thoughts which later led to her death. In ohio two star football players were convicted of raping a drunk 16 year old girl.

They gained media through lurid text messages, cell phone pictures and videos, and social media post surrounding the sexual abuse of the girl. One of the convicted felons was found guilty disseminating a nude photo of a minor. Once something has been posted on the internet it can never be erased. Imagine these young girls that don’t remember anything that happened the night before then waking up discovering they have been sexually abused. Yea, this can be a traumatizing event leaving scars and wounds that can never be healed.

Some can leave these events in the past while others would just take their lives away like Audrie Pott. How can cyber bullying be prevented? Simply having more talks with young kids regarding bullying as well as bringing guest speakers to inspire kids not to bully. Also enforcing the law on young teenagers just because they’re young that doesn’t mean they cannot take care of the mess they have created. Allard the attorney for the pott family, said his clients are pushing the “Audrie’s Law,” which would stiffen penalties for cyber bullying and strengthen laws on sexual assaults by trying adolescents as adults.