Area Code 213: Downtown Los Angeles and Surrounding Communities

Last Updated: 31 Mar 2023
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The division of Los Angeles that designated to area code 213 is mostly of the innermost portions of Los Angeles County. This area code was on of the first three area codes created in California in 1947 . It is completely surrounded by the 323 area code and only contains the downtown portion of Los Angeles and its direct, immediate surroundings. The 213 is calculated to have roughly 1.4 million available numbers, while mobile carriers number approximately 1.0 million available numbers.

The cities/areas within area code 213 are Arco Station, Arco-Plaza, Del Valle, Dockweiler, the Downtown Carrier Annex, Echo Park, Edendale, Flint, Foy, Market, Oakwood, Pico Heights, Sanford, Santa Western, Silver Lake, Textile, and the Veterans Admin Station. The communities within the 213 area code are Wilshire, Koreatown, Mid-City and West Adams.  The main cities within the area code are Los Angeles, Burbank and Gardena. The bordering interstates and highways that run in and around the 213 area code are I-5, I-405, I-10, Hwy- 110, Hwy-2, Hwy-60, Hwy-170, Hwy-101, and Hwy-134.

The area within 213 is abundantly populated by a variety of people and businesses. The main attraction of this area is the obvious glamour of nearby Hollywood and Beverly Hills. These areas alone, given their close proximity, are responsible for the majority of the 213 citizen’s career objectives – show business. Within and around the 213 area, the movie, TV, and other aspects of show business contribute largely to tourism and much of the local economy. Many businesses thrive on this industry as their solitary method for attraction .

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The real estate within the 213 is outrageously high. The most recent average price of a one bedroom home or condo in this area listed at $363,339, while a four bedroom listed at $1,047,558. These statistics also support a very prosperous and abundant real estate market, which employs a great deal of agents within the area. These prices also indicate a high salary average within the area of 213. To afford such high priced homes, the average income would have to maintain a yearly income of at least $50,000. This would support the notion of a higher education level among those living in the 213 as this estimated yearly income amount is most commonly attributed to College and University level education.

Given all of this information, it would be fair to conclude that the 213 is undoubtedly a unique area in comparison to other areas distinguished by their area code.


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