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Next, the clerk then cans in each item to be purchased. The system finds the price of the item and adds the item to the ticket. At the end of the purchase, the clerk indicates end of sale. The system compares the total amount against the contractor's current credit limit, and if it is acceptable, finalizes the sale. The system creates an electronic ticket for the items, and the contractor's credit limit is reduced by the amount of the sale. Some contractors like to keep a record of their purchases, so they request that the ticket details be printed out.

Others aren't interested in a printout. Note: There is no input/output pairing for the message total; the text doesn't specify one but it could be specified as an input message "finish" and written under the line shown. The "[receipt? ]" represents a conditional input ("if receipt is requested? ").

Case Study: DownTown Video Rental System

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DownTown Videos is a chain of 1 1 video stores scattered throughout a major metropolitan area in the Midwest. The chain started with a single store several years ago and has grown to its present size.

Paul Lowest, the owner of the chain, knows that to compete with the national chains will require a state-of-the-art movie rental system. You have been asked to develop the system requirements for the new system. Can store NAS a stock AT movies Ana peeve games Tort rent. It Is Important to Keep track of each movie title to know and to identify its category (classical, drama, comedy, and so on), its rental type (new release, standard), movie rating, and other general information such as movie producer, release date, cost, and so forth.

In addition to racking each title, the business must track each individual copy to note its purchase date, its condition, and its rental status. User functions must be provided to maintain this inventory information. Customers, the lifeblood of the business, are also tracked. DownTown considers each family to be a customer, so special mailings and promotions are offered to each household. For any given customer, several people may be authorized to rent videos and games. The primary contact for each customer can also establish rental parameters for other members of the household.

For example, if a parent wants to limit a child's rental authorization to only PEG and PEG-13 movies, the system will track that. Each time a movie is rented, the system must keep track of which copies of which movies and games are rented; the rental date and time and the return date and time; and the household and person renting the movie. Each rental is considered to be open until all of the movies and games have been returned. Customers pay for rentals when checking out videos at the store.


  1. Create a class diagram.
  2. Create a use case diagram.
  3. Create an activity diagram showing the operation of checking out movies.
  4. Create a global system sequence diagram based on the activity diagram in question
  •  Class Diagram for Movie Rental System at DownTown Videos
  • Use Case Diagram for Movie Rental System at DownTown Videos TTY Telegram Tort ten Rent at DownTown Videos Movie (scene-out) use case In Movie Rental system
  • Global System Sequence Diagram for the Rent Movie (Check-out) use case in Movie Rental System at DownTown Videos and for the Return Movie (Check-In) use case

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