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Apply Problem Solving

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Problem solving is not always an easy task to tackle. During my years of work experience I have seen and been part of several problem solving situations, and everyone is different, and everyone handles these situations differently. In order to solve them successfully sometimes you have to persuade certain people and sometimes science needs to prove it wrong or right. Working in title and escrow can be frustrating, challenging, long hours, and most importantly extremely stressful.

This was the career path I was on over nine years ago, and my thoughts were that I would be doing this position for the rest of my career. The mortgage industry was very hectic and busy at the time and people were refinancing their homes and some were refinancing twice a year. The rates were incredible and housing prices continued to rise, and it seemed as if everyone was either buying new homes or refinancing their existing homes. The economy at the time was doing well and many people were buying new items and charging them.

We would cut many checks to credit card companies to pay off their balances through the refinance stage. The better the rates became the busier we became, but we didn’t higher any new employees. We were all working long hours and as the months went on instead of working until six in the evening we were working until eight or nine in the evening and sometimes on the weekends. My manager kept expressing to the higher management that we needed to higher more employees to keep up with the demand and give the same high quality of service.

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They continued to ignore her and continued to brush it off. Until one day when she crunched the numbers and showed them that the company was burning out their employees and spending so much money on overtime. In the last six months with all the overtime they, spent they could have hired an additional three people and still would have been less expensive for the company. The management finally realized that they needed to hire on two more people to keep up with the work and continue to strive with our quality of customer service and not burn out the employees they had.

In the following two weeks we had two new assistants and we were all able to work until our scheduled time five in the evening and no more weekends. About 10 years ago I was diagnosed with gastritis which is when the lining of my stomach becomes inflamed, irritated, or erosion happens. This is caused by stress, eating spicy foods, dairy products, and eating acetic products such as tomatoes or oranges. I went through different tests to be diagnosed and when the doctors diagnosed me they wanted me to take antacid prescribed drugs such as Prevacid and Nexium.

Yes these were both scientific drugs, but they were not helping the situation. I was still having nausea and stomach pains while I was taking the prescribed drugs. Eventually I spoke to a friend who was going to a holistic doctor and would not stop talking about how great she was. During this time I was married and my husband was a paramedic so of course he did not believe in alternative medicine. He was against it and thought it would never work. Even though he was not opened to alternative medicine I was. Being miserable I realized and figured out that it would not hurt to try and talk to her.

I meet with her and she put me on some natural herbal release pills and probiotic pills. Within days I was benefiting from those natural herbs. I was able to slowly bring dairy and acetic products gradually back into my diet and not feel the nausea or receive the stomach cramps. Since that day I have not taken Prevacid or Nexium and I feel great. I do believe in scientific medicine, but I also believe in natural herbs that come from the ground. Through this process I learned that we cannot be closed minded and need to be opened to other possibilities at certain times.

Through my experiences in title and escrow I realized that you cannot change everything, and if there are certain issues or problems that need to be changed or fixed that at times certain people need to see the facts before they believe it or change it. With my diagnosis I am very happy that I was opened to new ideas and didn’t only believe what others believed because if I did I might not have been able to manage my gastritis. In life we experience many things, and there are always problems to be solved, but what matters is how you go about solving them.

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