Problem Solving and Resourcefulness

Last Updated: 17 Aug 2022
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RESOURCEFULNESS By: Edgardo Eleccion ( GCCNHS) For many times in our lives, we are often tested in our values and skill of being resourcefulness. Oftentimes, this is more considered as a skill than a value. A person with a gift of resourcefulness is far more advance than those who have none. Definitely, most of the successful individuals in the field of business, education, arts, medicine, politics, communication, religion and others possess the inherent or acquired skill of resourcefulness. However, what is really this skill of resourcefulness?

Iannarino ( 2010) defines resourcefulness in his blog as the ability to find a way to achieve your goal or to make one. This is especially true when the goal is difficult to achieve and when little or no direction is given. Resourcefulness is the ability to think creatively, to generate ideas, and to identify alternatives. Resourcefulness is also imagination, the ability to visualize how something could be achieved when there is nothing there but the vision. According to Cindy Quarter eHow contributor, being a resourceful is the ability to approach a problem in different ways.

It requires the ability to be creative and pursue a solution from one or more than direction. It is not built in ability but it is learned overtime from the variety of experiences. To be able to develop this into our children, they should be exposed to a situation that requires them to be resourceful and that will provide them the opportunity to succeed. Kids will self-confident and acquire problem solving skills as a result of engaging in activities that result resourcefulness. Games that requires resourcefulness help children to gain creativity and persistence in a fun in an entertaining way.

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Teachers in the secondary should help high school students develop their resourcefulness in them. They should expose these young minds into a worthwhile and engaging classroom activities everyday and make positive feedbacks after such activities in their everyday lessons for a day to day improvement to surface their individuals resourcefulness. This will prepare these youth into the next stages of their life ahead on how to deal problems along the way in different way around with less pressure.

The role of teachers in the classroom is vital in nurturing the students’ skill necessary in building a kind of life intended for them in their future. This will not be seriously taken by the students at their younger years, but when the world dictates competition and pressure, there surfaces the skill they have learned in the classroom situation. Resourcefulness can not be learned in one day as Rome was not built in one day too. It needs constant learning, constant training and constant sacrifices. It needs several exposures into several competition, tasks and challenges along the way.

The constant exposure that lead to experiencing a situation that emerge creativity will help a certain individuals to grow and become a better person ready to face the next layers of life’s challenge. In the world of work specially in business and education , resourcefulness is the crucial skill one must possess. A teacher with this skill has great advantage in terms of making his strategies in teaching and his materials a worthwhile and more fantastic to his learners. Moreover, it helps him prepare his teaching aids with less money involved.

In the field of business, a manager having this skill can enter into competitive world and able to go beyond the expectation the corporation is aiming for. In real life situation, resourcefulness helps an individual in solving his own problem in different way in which others never ever think of. You may be in business, education, arts, communication, politics, and religion, resourcefulness is necessary in building up the new you. Edgardo Eleccion is a secondary teacher of Gingoog City Comprehensive National High School ( GCCNHS) Gingoog City, Philippines. He is a Values Education Teacher.

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