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Apple Marketing Strategy in 2019

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What is Apple's Marketing Strategy

The basics of marketing strategy are:

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  1. Consistent brand promotion. No matter where you buy Apple products, they always have a consistently high level of quality. This is an excellent strategy for brand promotion and customer loyalty. In Cupertino, stores that were beautiful in design and interior were created and there is no doubt that you will always find a large number of people there. Apple has managed to create the feeling that consumers are buying a premium product that embodies quality and status. They are even packed beautifully - you only open the box, but already feel the joy and aesthetic pleasure of the purchase. As a result, a large group of consumers has formed that are faithful only to the products and services of the Cupertino company.
    Apple sought to satisfy existing customers
  2. The basis for creating loyalty is customer satisfaction. This is a prerequisite for customers to constantly use the products and services of a company. Every savvy marketer knows that loyal customers are the main strength of the brand and the foundation of a successful business. Therefore, before looking for new customers, you need to make sure that existing customers are satisfied. This helps to work word of mouth, which, as you know, is the best advertising for any company.
    When customers are ready to take a turn and spend the night in tents before heavy rain a few days before the start of sales of a new product, this indicates that the company has reached the level of a rock star. By creating true fans, and not just satisfied customers, the company guarantees itself a stable position for many years. In today's competitive market, this is crucial.

What to Expect From Apple in 2019

Already sunk into the summer of 2018 was rich in memorable Apple software and hardware announcements, listing which does not make much sense, since you know them by heart. Nevertheless, there were a number of promised, but not released devices, as well as a list of leaks and rumors that could be implemented this year. They will be discussed now.


Concept by Benjamin Geskin. We all know the tradition of “new year - the new iPhone”. A number of recent leaks promise that this year, all new iPhones will receive OLED displays. The number of devices is not specified, and therefore there is an assumption that Apple may postpone the announcement of the iPhone XR successor with an IPS display for 2020.

“Proven” insiders - Evleaks and Ice Univerce - claim that the iPhone XI Max will receive a triple module of the main camera with a non-linear arrangement of sensors. Two candidates so far claim the position of the third lens: a wide-angle module or a TOF camera for compiling 3D images and improved shooting in portrait mode. Due to litigation with Qualcomm, Apple has only one potential supplier of 5G modems for future devices of the company represented by Intel. As a result, Tony Blevins, the vice president of the apple-based purchasing company, said Apple was eyeing Samsung and even MediaTek as part of the Project Antique project.

This means that Apple is already working on the release of the iPhone with support for 5G networks, but the release of such a device this year, of course, is not guaranteed. In addition to all of the above, there remains the hope that in 2019, after the rethought iPad Pros, the iPhone will abandon the Lightning port in favor of Type-C so that it can be easily connected to current MacBook models and the same 2018 iPad Pro, which can work in as a bank.


Insiders say that back in December of last year, the fifth generation iPad mini with four speakers, a Type-C port and a 3.5 mm audio output was to begin mass production. At the same time, analyst Ming-Chi Kuo spoke of the new iPad mini as a budget model. It is assumed that the cost of the basic configuration of the tablet will not exceed the mark of 350 dollars (~ 23 500 rubles).

In the summer of 2019, we are waiting for the announcement of the 13th version of iOS. If you believe the rumors, Apple will focus on the new “chips” for the iPad: updating the “Files” application, the ability to launch two windows from one application at the same time, and the like. Since the advent of the iPad Pro in 2015, Apple has tirelessly maintained that the tablet has finally replaced the computer, and we do not believe it, because iOS remains a “closed” system with many restrictions, like the lack of a normal file manager.


The latest generation iPad Pro, along with the Type-C port and TrueDepth camera, has acquired the most powerful Apple processor ever created - the A12X Bionic. As a result: we are promised professional software in the form of full-fledged Photoshop, and there are more rumors about Mac on an Apple processor. Apple updated the MacBook Pro and MacBook Air last year, leaving the 12-inch MacBook out of work. Perhaps it was he who had the honor of acquiring the A12X Bionic or another processor of its own production.

Another "deprived" model of Mac remains Mac Pro. In press appeals, Apple's senior vice president of marketing, Phil Schiller, described the rethought Mac Pro as a modular computer capable of working with VR and serious movie production. Look forward to. With the release of macOS Mojave, several branded mobile applications appeared on Apple computers: News, Promotions, and Home. Tools for porting iOS applications to macOS promise to reach developers this year. Someone is eager to get a native Instagram client for Mac, and I would not give up banking applications.


Last year, Amazon's smart speakers with Alexa voice assistant and Android Auto platform got support for Apple Music, and the other day Sony, Samsung and LG announced the addition of AirPlay 2 support in their smart TV lineups. Later, Apple published the official list of compatible TVs, which also includes models of the American company Vizio. In addition, in the spring of this year, the model range of SmartTVs from Samsung 2018 and 2019 with exclusive rights will receive the iTunes Movies and TV Shows application, which will open native access to the movie library and TV shows of the iTunes digital store.

Thus, we observe how Apple services are slowly coming to third-party platforms. How about iTunes on consoles or Apple Music in columns with Google Assistant? In addition to porting existing services, Apple will develop new ones. According to an interview with CNBC channel CEO Tim Cook, this year we are waiting for new "apple" services. There is no specifics, it remains only to wait.

Apple marketing is always admirable. It is based on ease of perception. Perfected through tacit emotionality and mystery. Marketers managed to create the illusion of Apple style. A special way of thinking, and now life, which everyone wants to reach. Celebrities, businessmen change iPhones and Macs every year. And these products have become indispensable attributes of success. And if you don’t have a new “apple” gadget, then you are one step lower than your competitors.

Apple Marketing: 10 Lessons for Success

Elegant simple graphics, minimalistic design, unobtrusive background music are the main components of Apple's approach to marketing. The company knows: it’s important to let the products speak for themselves. This will stand out among thousands of advertisements. And this is despite the fact that prices for “apple” products have gone far from competitive prices. Here are the tools that “styled” the style that is now called Apple’s.

  1. Direct clear message. None of the ads mention how or where to buy Apple gadgets. Instead, advertising and marketing messages are very direct. They clearly show a product that speaks for itself. What to do. Remove “cheap” noise, reduce content to a minimum and show simple graphics that will translate your message.
  2.  Product placement. Everyone saw Apple gadgets in movies, music videos, on TV. This is an unspoken advertisement that penetrates straight into the consumer’s brain and causes an analogy: this product is used by the most popular people on the planet. And if I have it, then I am one of them. What to do. On a micro-scale, pass on your product to the opinion leader you are interested in. He will unobtrusively post with him. It will be without direct advertising or review, but with a visual accent. Under the “sauce” of the interior or everyday style. New company leads are guaranteed. Important! In 2019, brands are increasingly working with local, local influencers. Their number of subscribers is several tens of thousands.
  3. Influencer Reviews. Apple receives customer reviews. People often watch similar photos and videos before buying a new product. What to do. Distribute free trial versions or product samples to industry bloggers. Let them do a review and post it on social networks, youtube or on the site. Important! Ensure the credibility of reviewers. And also - in the activity of their audience, and not just its quantity.
  4. Apple never engage in price wars. She just sticks to her pricing strategy. And this despite the fact that it is higher than that of competitors. The company attracts customers with unique values. What does it mean? Focus on cool features and great features. Apple gadgets can do a lot and are easy to use. The client is willing to pay for this value at almost any price. As practice shows, even overpriced. What to do. Find and convey to the customer the value of their product.
  5. Holistic Marketing Apple. All Apple promotional messages are complete. They are talking about the same thing. Thus, the client has the feeling that the product is exactly the same as in advertising. And it is he who will ultimately receive it. What to do. Revise your entire marketing strategy. Make sure that all message channels are consistent and confirm the original idea, the message of the brand.
  6. Creating a style, not just a product. Everyone can make a product. But not everyone is able to create a memorable experience, a style that will seduce the client to come back again and again. What to do. Apply storytelling to touch emotions and add sensuality to ads.
  7.  Conversation in one language. Instead of using complex terms and explanations, Apple has found a way to take customers to the next level. The company speaks with the words of its customers about what they want to hear. What to do. Explore customers: how they interact on social networks. Focus on the sides and qualities of the product that are of interest to the audience. And talk about it in a language that the client understands.
  8. Mysticism and magic around the product. One of Apple’s distinctive approaches is to create secrets and magic around everything they do. Products are completely closed until the official presentation. Apple always keeps intrigue. And allows others to speculate on this “secret”. What to do. Do not talk about everything you do. Say “A”, and give the opportunity to think out “B”.
  9. Emotions. Apple Marketing features happy people who have a great time with their iPhone and iPad. What masterpieces are created by professionals behind their Mac’s. And this is instead of focusing on the amount of battery and memory. Watch the gorgeous Mac video. His main message: “For Mac people create grandiose things. And you can do that too. ” After all, everyone wants to do something important and grand. And he eventually becomes a client.
  10. Visualization. The world was fed up with words and texts. And that explains why videos have become a popular tool. What to do. Create a high-quality video sequence with the message you need with sound. The melody should convey the mood, the state that the client will receive by buying your product.

Some facts

As of June 2018, Apple’s market capitalization reached 950 billion U.S. dollars, higher than that of competitors such as Microsoft, IBM and Google, and almost ten times more than its own capitalization in 2006. The company’s market cap topped the one trillion U.S. dollars mark on 2. August, 2018, becoming the first public company worldwide to reach that milestone. After hitting a record high of 1.12 trillion in October 2018, Apple's market cap slowly dropped back to the sub-trillion level.

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