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Animal Testing: a Human Benefit Through Major

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This essay is centered towards people who think that there is no good reason to do animal testing. Medicine testing on animals necessary. The animal rights organization, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA), is one that has really caught my attention in recent months. PETA has proven themselves to be the largest animal rights organization in the world, with over 3 million people members who all do their duty in attempts to reserve the rights of animals. I must say, the organization quickly brought me in favor of their beliefs for quite some time.

As PETA clarifies that they come together to put a halt on the “abuse of animals in cruel and painful experiments,” it is very difficult to not support the organization. They focus most of their attention on these concepts, and show it’s negativity to industries based on what they call human “entertainment. ” The issue is that PETA only reveals one side to the story, disregarding any possible benefits animal testing may provide to humans. The extensive interest I have on the issue has leaded me to further my understanding.

With PETA’s constant views on the “implementation of humane” nature, I’ve come to notice that scientific research on animals does not affect the balance of nature; that is, in comparison to many activities in our society such as hunting for pleasure which serves no purpose. I began to question as to why animal testing is taking place right now in our society, and could the benefits of these experiments outweigh the negative outlook it has? I have been looking into the nature and ethics behind the testing’s, and I have come to realize there are strong opinions for both those for and against the practice.

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Contrary to PETA’s views, I believe that although animals may at time experience pain, it does not make it wrong to use animals. This does not include the use of animals towards unnecessary luxuries such as cosmetics and fur in the clothing line, industries that PETA criticizes intently. Humans don’t benefit from animal testing by wearing animal fur; however they do benefit through major medical advancements, such as experiments leading to a successful vaccine for rabies.

One of the most controversial topics would be that animal testing is morally wrong, and ultimately, disturbingly similar to murder. While one may justify this as a strong reason to position themselves against the rights of animal testing, I would argue that many people fail to understand the legitimacy behind the trials. PETA states that the federal government wastes their money on misleading experiments, and should focus their intentions on “studies that are actually relevant to humans. Bernard E Rolling states in his article, Animal testing: A Moral Science, that “although abolitionists argue that using animals in biomedical research produces no benefits on humans…the scientific community has adopted an equally extreme position’. Rolling is implying that animal testing serves a purpose, and is being done for the better good of human society. Animal Testings role in developing vaccines on a cure for HIV and AIDS has been a controversial issue for quite some time. With HIV being one of many diseases which are still without a cure, the search for effective drugs has proven particularly difficult.

Some argue that scientists should test on human participants prior to approving its safety; however dealing with potential vaccines is dangerous and can produce illness or even death. As a result, researchers use animals to help “ensure the efficacy of drugs and vaccines” prior to human use (Avert. Org). With multiple grim stories regarding the usage of animals on PETA, my first opinion was to fall for the sympathy of the animals; however, I’ve come to realize that sometimes the beneficial actions for our society may come with hardships.

The ultimate goal for many things is to ensure the quality of life among the people, and to enhance the knowledge in the medical world. Furthering the discussion of animal distress within the experiments, many emphasize that all experiments are conducted humanely, to high scientific standards. As mentioned under the United States Department of Agriculture, the Animal Welfare Act is the only Federal law in the United States that regulates the treatment of animals in research, exhibition, transport, and by dealers…. while] enforced by the USDA and Animal Care Agency. ” Based on this information, it may be true that many people are subject to animal testing misconceptions involving mistreatment. Strict regulations within the Animal and Welfare Act include the following: specifications of lighting and temperature, animals kept outdoors must be provided with safety and shelter from nature’s elements, food and water must be given regularly, and there must be regular research proposals to “minimize discomfort, distress, and pain to the animals”.

With this being said, I personally believe its uneducal to provide an opinion based on misconceptions rather than facts. In a world where rules and provisions serve as mandatory in day-to-day activities, it provides feedback on my opinion towards this controversial issue. As well, The Committee on Animal Research and Ethics (CARE) provides details on the basis prior to experimentation. Details within the justification towards research includes that research is done solely to accomplish a clear scientific purpose, and that there is “reasonable expectation that the experiment will... ncrease knowledge of the process underlying [human] development or behavior, determine replicability of prior research, increase understanding of the species or provide results that determine benefits towards the health or welfare of human or animal species. ” Arguably the most beneficial provision is that no research or experiment may be conducted without the protocol being revised and determined appropriate by an animal care committee, thus ensuring the research to be safe and humane. The reality towards the issue is that it’s unfortunate that there aren’t more alternatives for animal testing.

However on the basis that the human race needs to develop knowledge to further their research to obtain medicines, animal testing seems to serve the utmost importance. If we have a goal to one day cure diseases like AIDS and Cancer, shouldn’t research in this department be necessary? I agree with PETA in the sense that animal testing is morally wrong if implemented with the fur and cosmetic industries, but they fail to consider the other side to the issue: that it is necessary on the fact that humans need research to move forward as a whole.

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