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Animal Testing: Helps Both Humans and Other Animals

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Animal Testing People argue that animal testing kills to many animals. 20 million animals are used for animal testing each year. 90 percent of them are rodents such as rats and mice. If indeed the animals are killed its most likely to be a rodent. people try to kill and get rid of rodents just for the sake of getting rid of them. People who are against animal testing say that pain is afflicted on the animals. Most all research projects do not even include pain towards the animal. If the research does include pain the pain would be alleviated with anesthetic drugs.

It is very important that the animal is free of stress because if the animal felt pain the data would not be sufficient. Animal helps both humans and other animals. More than 15 million people have diabetes and an additional 600,000 people develop it every year. More than 1 million people in America require a daily dose of insulin. Dogs were crucial to the research that identified the cause of diabetes, which lead to the development of insulin. Dogs were also very important for the research and development of open-heart surgery, pacemakers, and heart transplants.

The techniques discovered from animal testing have revolutionized the therapy for people who have severe heart disease. Vaccines are created for many animal sicknesses and viruses including Feline Leukemia and canine parvovirus. Not only medical products and procedures have been tested on animals. All make-up products are tested on animals before it go on the market. They are tested to make sure no irritation or rash is created wile using the product. Testing everyday products not only help keep buyers satisfied it may help them not die in the process of using the product.

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More satisfied buyers mean they will be more likely to buy more stuff which helps the economy. Heart diseases, diabetes, and animal viruses have been cured threw the process of animal testing. Almost everyone has been benefited from animal testing whether they know it or not. Testing on animals before humans is the right thing to do, so many lives have been saved from doing this ever since it has been started in the early 1900’s. we have to encourage others to vote towards animal testing so that there are less regulations. Animal testing is the best way to make sure products, medicines, and medical procedures are safe.

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