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Of Mice and Men Empathy Task

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Empathy Task Well here I am again on the same old ranch, alone. My friend is being chassed!! I lost my dream, my friends and my dog. When I had all those, it made me feel kinda special, I s'pose, ain't too many guys around here who have friends; who have dreams especially these days. Most of them just dont care or they pretend they don’t, goddam depression, I wasn’t one of those guys, I had friends and dreams and hopes and... . Anyhow, Lennie's gone now. They are gonna found him and kill him or he will never return, for sure i am not seeing him again!

I gotta say even if he was a crazy bastard that shattered my dream, does anyone knows how bad that feels!! One day you are making plans and the other day you realize that it’s never gonna happen. I lost Lennie as well, he was someone to talk to and I hope he finds the damn rabbits he always wanted, in fact; he was the one that told me about the dream in the first place. I will miss him. I am so pissed off about all these things!! She did it, that bitch, Curley's Wife. Ever since I met her I knew she was bad.

Never expected it to end the way it did though. I didn't expect to find her dead on the floor. I mean who did. I panicked at first but I knew what to do, I had to tell George before everybody else. It was all her fault. She was the one who came to Lennie, I mean; Lennie wouldn’t have touched her, poor bastard. Lennie was a good man and i know he didn’t do it on purpose! Thing aren’t going back though, I lost all of my dreams and hopes in that split second that I realized she was dead! She was responsible, i wanted to kill her, but she was already dead!!

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I hate her and that scum, Curley, I bet my life he was the one that told Carlosn to shoot my dog!! Bloody 'hand fulla Vaseline' Still if it had to be done I prefer to have done it myself. He was my dog, my companion, my friend. I don't know how I am going to get through the last few years of my life without him. I shoulda done it myself. They would let me leave this ranch but where would I go. I can't go to the farm on my own can I. The thought of leaving my dog behind, is just too powerful so I've decided I'm not going anywhere.

People leave, I am staying here alone until I rot in the ground. My dog just goes round and round in my head. If George leaves as well, life will be back to normal like it was before Lennie and George turned up. The same old people as before. Curley will still be cocky except that he will be single know and I will be the same old man with no friends at all know that my dog is gone as well. I don’t have many reasons to keep living after this, my friends are gone and my dream is shuttered!! I hate not being able to help in the fields.

I miss it so much. I don't like being here in this place all day by myself. I have spent the best years of my life working in someone else’s ranch, only to lose one hand and end up with little money!! George and Lennie were my only chance of making my dream come true!! I was gonna spent every penny I had so that i could be a bit closer to the American dream which is now something that I will never succeed. I am at the end of a long hard-working career that offered me a crap life, I can’t fix the things know, i mean i would if i could but I just can’t!!

I can’t get over with the fact that I could have made it!! We were gonna get a little place and we were gonna have a big vegetable patch and all kind of good things! No one was gonna throw me out of there when I was gonna be at my oldest!! I was so close! George also started to believe that it was coming true but all of a sadden everything went down! I can’t do this anymore, why did I not die instead of being left to feel all this pain. They should have let me die...

Of Mice and Men Empathy Task essay

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