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The Significance of Patience and Perseverance in Dealing with Everyday Life

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Just like anyone else, I have an against-all-odds story to tell and extraordinary experience to share. The twist in my life began right after the College Entrance Exam. It wasn't a twist with satisfying sequences, but by help of this twist I have learned how to determine true friends, how to be persistent and keep moving forward.

The year 2009, was a graduation year. During the time, I was on the verge of finishing my high school and starting a university program. I had geared up very diligently and was one of the most promising alumni. In May, 2009, I had already graduated from high school. A week after graduation, I took National Testing which provides students full in-state scholarship. Everybody believed that I was going to be one of the scholars. Unfortunately, I failed. I was in despair; nobody gave me a support at that time, even my father. According to the grapevine, people thought that I had always been cheating on practice tests.

This left me in obscurity. My mother suggested that I should just go to college, but according to my forecast and family financial status, the tuition fees would be unbearable so I abandoned the idea. I vowed that I would rather stay one extra year and prepare to retake the exam. My mother beyond doubt believed in me plus my efforts, and that became an inspiration to me. Even though meeting my classmates was hard to deal with, I prepared for the exams throughout the year. Everybody was talking about their universities and future plans but I just shared my unrealistic, according to them, plans about studying abroad. I felt ignored. My hard work paid me off when I received several offers from both local and foreign universities.

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Despite all the fortune and success, my definite aim was studying in the US, so I prepared to compete with the brightest students of Kazakhstan. I took the risk of staying another year and going to a military service. My father thought that I am a naïve child and a simple guy like me would not get a scholarship. His belief was embedded in the fact that I was not bred in a rich family unlike other children. He felt sorry for me but I kept surging on with unwavering enthusiasm. His contemplation was that I shouldn't waste my chance and study in Russia. I understood that he wanted me to be happy, and I understood that that another failure can bring me on my knees. However, not without the intervention of luck, after passing all the exams, I became the recipient of presidential international scholarship "Bolashak" (future from Kazakh) in September 2010. That was the apex of my happiness. I took a risk with my life, but through tolerance and persistence I succeed with massive ecstasy and victory.

An anonymous author once stressed the fact that in life, you can never make it without patience and perseverance. Sometimes people bear the notion that life without struggles is the perfect life, but in my opinion it is just our lack of patience, especially men. Everybody knows that one who can master the patience can master anything.

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