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An Analysis of the Effectiveness of Commercial Advertisements

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We live in the media age characterized by the incessant flow of communication, informative, educative and commercial. Businesses entities have moved to tap into the potential that media such as television present in order to better market their brands and products. Crucial to this endeavor has been in the design of effective commercial advertisement. So the question begs, what makes a TV commercial effective?

Commercials aim to include people in advertising their brands and products. People are important in the sense that they act as objects of familiarity. If the target audience sees other people on television buying or using a product, they are more than likely to get out there and buy the product themselves.

Secondly, effective commercials attempt to capture human emotion. The Coca-Cola commercial achieves this by showing the negative effect cruel comments such as "I hate you" and "you are ugly" have on people. The actors and actors in the commercial respond to these comments with sad facial expressions. Coca-Cola presents itself as a solution to this problem of negativity, by sending positive messages of love to persons experiencing such negativity. By so doing, the company associates its brand with happiness and love, both positive emotions to which any human being can positively relate.

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Thirdly, effective commercials include a call to action. Coca-cola does this by sending a message to a young man's phone with the hashtag #MakeItHappy. At the end of the video, the message "The world is what we make it appears". More importantly, the commercial is short, precise, straight to the point and employs music.

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