An Analysis of the Differences between the Federalist and Anti-Federalist

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The Federalists wanted to follow the filter model. This was a model of how they believed all the governments should be run. They wanted enlightened and superior men to govern because they were mainly high class. They also wanted to not have representatives directly responsible and they also did not want frequent elections. They also wanted a strong executive branch and an independent judiciary branch. This was called a mixed government. A big idea for the federalists was a large government and freedom of religion.

The Anti-federalists on the other hand believed the complete opposite. They thought that the people themselves should be involved and that they should gather in public to assemble. They also thought that the representatives should mirror the people. Small town farmers also made a big impact because the anti-federalists very mainly farmers. The representatives should be directly responsible and they should have frequent elections. They also wanted a small executive branch and a large legislature branch and also state centered. They also strongly believed that there should be one overall vision and also they wanted to be very simple.

The Federalists and the Anti-Federalist are two opposite types of people in their learning and work. Almost all of the Federalists were learned and had high paying jobs as either lawyer of delegates. They were very smart and wanted to have a strong executive branch so they could control the government. The anti-federalists were farmers and most likely did not have a very good education. They did not want a large executive because they did not want the higher class of people to rule. They thought that it should be even so it was fair the common man instead of the enlightened


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The Federalists and Anti-federalists are very different as proven in the last four paragraphs. The federalists were more smart and enlightened men than the anti-federalists who were in fact, only farmers. The Federalists wanted there to be a strong national government and to not have the representatives directly responsible. While the Anti-federalists wanted to have a weak government and for the representatives to be directly responsible because they did not want the government to control everyone.

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