Essays on Federalist Argument

Essays on Federalist Argument

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Federalist Argument for Ratification of the Constitution

Federalist Argument for Ratification of the Constitution November 18, 2010 Americans, prior to and shortly after the Revolutionary War, were strongly united under one opinion. The common belief that America ought to be an independent state, with its own system of government can be found …

ConstitutionFederalist ArgumentJustice
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A Comparison of The Federalist Argument No. 10 and The Tyranny of the Majority

The Federalist No. 10 by James Madison and The Tyranny of the Majority by Alexis de Tocqueville are two political papers which analyze some parts of the American constitution. Each of the authors have their own distinct thoughts on the constitution and they agree in …

Federalist ArgumentPhilosophyPoliticsScience
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An Analysis of the Federalist Argument Papers

The aim of the Federalist Papers was to set up a debate for a new constitution, by which our country could govern. The purpose was to setup a more stable and organized government, while protecting the citizens’ liberties. Life was unstable, and there was little …

EthicsFederalist ArgumentPoliticsPsychology
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Madison’s Argument in His Federalist No. 10 Essay

James Madison made one of the most powerful contributions to the Constitution with his essay the Federalist No. 10, which was one of many. The extensive essay provides a compelling argument for the Constitution. By thoroughly explaining that the Constitution will “break. And control the …

EthicsFederalist ArgumentPoliticsPsychologyScience
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An Argument in Favor of the Federalist Government and the 1787 Version of the Constitution

After reading much about the constitution, the Federalist papers, and articles by those that opposed it, I would say that I would be a federalist. Firstly the constitution is very well written and written by men who know a lot more about the workings of …

Federalist ArgumentGovernmentInflationPolitics
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A Comparison of the Federalist and Anti-Federalist Views on the Ratification of the United States Constitution

When comparing the Federalist and Anti-Federalist views on the ratification of the United States Constitution, one must consider their respective principles. It can be argued that each side believes firmly that its views are of primary importance. However, one must surmise which side best reflects …

EthicsFederalist ArgumentGovernmentPoliticsPsychology
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An Analysis of Federalist No. 51 and Madison’s Argument for the Constitution

Federalist No. 51 is one of the essays among a collection that James Madison wrote in favor of the Constitution. In this essay, Madison provides an argument for Constitution by building on his previous argument in Federalist No. 10, and stating how the suggested vision …

Federalist ArgumentGovernmentPhilosophyPolitics
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An Overview of the Arguments in the Federalist Papers

Alexander Hamilton wanted to help the ratification of the new Constitution. In 1787, so he decided that he would write and publish articles in order to explain the concepts of this Constitution. James Madison and John Jay were two other contributors that Hamilton added to …

DemocracyDemocracy In AmericaFederalist ArgumentGovernmentPolitics
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An Analysis of the Constitution and Federalist Argument

When deciding whether the Constitution better embodied the American commitment to democracy (republicanism), or whether it produced a greater compromise to it, one must define the nature of a republican government. Both the Federalist and Anti-Federalist set forth. Their distinctive views on the quality of …

CrimeFederalist ArgumentJusticeLaw
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An Examination of the Federalis tArgument and Anti-Federalists in the United States

The United States of America, in its earliest years, was held together by a very feeble tie. There was great need for a good government to manage. The general affairs of the country and to protect the liberties of each individual citizen and the rights …

Federalist ArgumentPhilosophyPoliticsScience
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Federalists argued for counterbalancing branches of government. In light of charges that the Constitution created a strong national government, they were able to argue that the separation of powers among the three branches of government protected the rights of the people.

Frequently asked questions

What was the main argument of the federalists?
The main argument of the federalists was that the Constitution should be ratified in order to preserve the union of the states. They argued that the Constitution would create a strong central government that would be able to protect the rights of the states and the people.
What were the 3 main arguments of the Federalists for the Constitution?
The three primary arguments advanced by the Federalists in support of the Constitution were: 1) that the Constitution would provide for a more effective and efficient government than the existing Articles of Confederation; 2) that the Constitution would protect the rights of individuals and minority groups better than the Articles of Confederation; and 3) that the Constitution would promote economic growth and development more effectively than the Articles of Confederation.
What was the federalists strongest argument?
The federalists strongest argument was that the Constitution would create a more efficient and effective government. They argued that the new government would be better able to handle the nation's problems, and that it would be more responsive to the needs of the people.
Why were the Federalist essays so important?
The Federalist essays were so important because they helped to shape the United States Constitution and the government that we have today. They were written by some of the most influential Founding Fathers, including James Madison, Alexander Hamilton, and John Jay.

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