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Differences and Similarities between Federal and State Governments

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The federal and state governments of the United State have apparent differences and similarities. This nature is based with the principle that there should be an existing central governing supremacy as exemplified by the federal government of U. S. Aside from a national ruling; however, it is still essential that state governments handle and control the concerns and interests most significant for the people of particular state. It is in comparing and contrasting the said structures of governments that American administration proves its purpose and essence to the society and its people.

Similar to the federal government, every state government carries on with an established charter that determines the link between the governmental establishments and associations even at the level of state governments. All state institutions comprise a structure of separation of powers within the three branches of government. While President is the primary federal government head, a Governor heads the executive branch of state government.

The legislative branch of the federal government is composed of the Senate and House of Representatives whereas state governments have mostly lower houses, based from its bicameral type of legislature. While both government structures appear to be similar as far as the nature of their respective Congress, they differ in the frequency of legislature meetings. In the judicial aspect, federal judges are nominated by the President while election takes place in choosing state courts judges (Williams, 1998).

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William confirmed that federalism works but then asserted that states work well and even better than federal governments. This is because unlike federalism, states actually have federal structures even though they are not operating on a federal foundation. This simply means that states adhere with and apply the federal principles being performed by the federal government in the structure of state governments which made it more effective to the people of American states (Williams, 1998).

Differences and Similarities between Federal and State Governments essay

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