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In the past, America has been a destination for foreign Immigrants especially the employees who are looking for job opportunities. Highly skilled young people trained in management, technology, medicine have all been flocking to U. S. in search of jobs. The U. S. government had also openly scoured the Northern and West central Mexico to get workers during the World War I. There was a program ‘bracero’ which means ‘strong arm’ which brought about 400,000 workers in every year in U. S. from 1942-1965. (Stout R. J. 2).

However there have been factors that have prompted the large number of U. S. foreigners to go back home to their native land and settle back there.. This paper focuses on some of the reasons as to why U. S. immigrants are going back home and settling there and possible solution that could reduce problem of going back. The problem of accessing permanent visa to the immigrants has played a major role in encouraging U. S. immigrants go back to their countries. Some people have been waiting for their visas for more than 10 years.

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Many people have become impatient with waiting of the Permanent Visa. Their have also been a great number of people especially the Chinese and Indians who have been going back home from America because of availability of job opportunities related to their professional careers. This has mostly applied to those who have chances of bringing innovations and growth in their home countries. This makes it easy for to afford purchase more commodities compared to U. S. and hence have a better quality life.

There have also been a demand for skills on those who are going back home from the U. S. The technological companies for instance in India have been performing well and most of the top management jobs are given to their citizens. As much as the U. S immigrants get jobs in America, they don’t get the top managerial jobs as compared to when they are in their own countries. This fact makes it more reasonable for them to go back to their country and take these more prestigious positions.

Economic recession has also contributed to resettling of U. S immigrants to go back home to their countries. So many job cuts have been made so that the company’s and the country can recover from the recession. High cost of living in America forces many to leave the country and go back home with their savings which has more purchasing power in their own country. The comfort of being near your family and friends, better career prospects and better quality life has made most of the U. S. skilled foreigners are deciding to go back home .

However, the culmination of this is population pressure, competition for lands and jobs in their home countries. Many of those who have returned are also reported to be sick and more inclined to committing crimes compared to when they left. The money they have also brought back in their home countries has caused a challenge in that they forced an increase in local land prices. (LaGumina S. J. 549) To reduce the problem settlement instability in one country, the U. S government need to reduce the duration for waiting for permanent visa. Develop a policy that could encourage both U.

S. citizens and immigrants be employed and promoted in top managerial positions so that they can find good reason for settling there than keeping migrating. Economic policy which focuses mostly on U. S government reducing spending especially on war needs to be emphasized and implemented. This would reduce the economic recession that has been witnessed in the past which forces major job cuts in big companies leading to immigration. Work cited LaGumina S. J. , Italian American experience, Taylor and Francis, 2000. Stout R. J. Why immigrants come to America. Green World, 2008.

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