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Alyssa Lies by Jason Song Analysis

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The artist achieves this in the song by telling a story. Jason Michael Carroll, son of a preacher, grew up in a strict North Carolina family environment (Ortega). His father ruled with an iron thumb. Although his father r was strict, it never got to the point of Alyssa. But as a preacher, his father dealt with many families and cases of child abuse. Growing up, Jason had experience knowing what goes on in the SSE situations and how people deal with it. "Jason bore witness to realize tragedies that will take the kid right out of a child" ("Alyssa Lies by Jason").

Also as a husband and a father of four, Jaws knows what it's like to have to deal with a child on an everyday basis ("Jason Michael Carry II Biography"). It took two years for Jason to write Alyssa Lies. It was a song inspired by a poem a friend had wrote about child abuse. After reading the poem and seeing a story on the en was about child abuse he decided to finally wrote the song (Ortega). "It's his philosophy that s ones are waiting in the ether for someone to call them forth" ("Alyssa Lies by Jason").

Hesitant to write such a powerful song, Jason would write part of the song then put it down then pick I t back up two weeks later (Ortega). Contrary to what people believe, Alyssa was not a real girl but just a name Jason came up with. Also Jason never abused as a child and the song was not a way for Jaw son to finally tell his story. "Alyssa Lies" is a fictional song about a little girl Alyssa who is constant .NET abused at home. When she meets another girl at school, she tells her what has been ha opening.

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Then this girl goes home to her father in tears wondering why Alyssa lies to everyone. B y this she means Alyssa makes up excuses to explain the bruises in school. When Alyssa tells her friend what had happened it affects her in a big way. Her friend goes home to her father in tears. The chorus "Alyssa lies/ To the classroom/ Alyssa lies/ Everyday at school/ Alyssa lies/ To the teachers/ As she tries to cover every bruise" ("JASON MICHAEL CARROLL LYRICS"), shows that her new friend notices what has been going on and that Alyssa doesn't do anything to stop it.

Then, when the little girl goes to bed, SSH e prays to God saying "God bless my mom and my dad/ And my new friend Alyssa/ know she needs you bad" ("JASON MICHAEL CARROLL LYRICS"). This shows that she cares about her en w friend and wants to help even though she knows what is going on. Children are ion .NET and do not know prejudice. For adults this is not always true. In the song, after the narrator's daughter tees him what happened, he said he just brushed it off at first.

But when he got to school on Monday it was too late. Alyssa has been killed as a result of her injuries. In an attempt to tell his daughter who at happened, he did so in a way that she might understand, She doesn't lie/ In the classroom/ She doesn't lie/ Anymore at school/ Alyssa lies/ With Jesus/ Because there's nothing anyone would do ("JASON MICHAEL CARROLL LYRICS"). In the song he describes how he felt when his dad gutter asked him why everybody looks so sad.

He said the lump in his throat grew bigger w tit every question that she asked. He knew that someone should have done something sooner b t no one did and now he has to explain it to his child. This is how adults are. They all say child a buses is something terrible and something should be done but they never want to be the one to do that something. If they ignore it or hide the fact they know they think it will go away. But cometh inning like that beer truly goes away. This is how it is in the official video for 'Alyssa Lies".

In the video, a teacher at what seems to be a high school shows the video if 'Alyssa Lies" and tells his students to war tie about it in their journals ( "ALYSSA LIES" The Original Throughout the music video, the students have lank expressions and there is a girls crying at her desk trying to hide her tear s. She Was wearing a black turtle neck sweater and a few times during the video she pulls her sleep eves down more or pulls up her turtle neck as if trying to cover the bruises she has herself just like e Alyssa in the video tries to cover her bruises.

Towards the end of the video the young womb an grabs her stuff and runs out into the hallway in tears. This shows that at some point in her life e she was abused or is still being abused. At the end of the video, it Shasta many student came of award, one was moved from her situation and others found help and a slide saying "Help is out there waiting to hear from you" came up ("ALYSSA LIES" The Original).

This shows that by shoo wing this video, even to older children, it can bring about string emotions, enough to m aka people come forward with their situation and could even save them. 'Alyssa Lies" is not only a song used for entertainment but for real life situ actions as well. Like in the video, other schools have used this song to evoke emotions from c hillier and even college students. Universities and medical schools use the song "Alyssa Lies"

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