Character Comparison of Medea and Jason

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In the Greek play Medea, there are two protagonists, Medea and Jason. Medea, who is the wife of Jason has fallen in love with him and has left her country to be with him. After all this loyalty, Jason decides to divorce Medea and marry the king’s daughter; Glauce. Medea becomes filled with fury and anger and wants to kill her husband and the king’s daughter. We can also say that she becomes suicidal. Jason on the other hand, only seeks his own benefits because he has married the King’s daughter just to gain benefits for himself and leaves the woman he used to love.

Medea is portrayed has a strong and self-confident woman since she plans to kill everyone who has hurt her. I think that no ordinary woman would think of that. However, she is maybe blinded because of her fury since she also plans to kill her children who have nothing to do with what has happened to her. She is also strong because she is able to take revenge on Jason by killing his children, his wife and Creon. I think that her Medea’s ways of revenge and her ways of thinking are very brutal since she kills her children just to watch Jason suffer.Finally she is compensated when she kills all those close to Jason and watches him suffer. This shows that she is emotionless because she killed all those innocent people just to watch her husband suffer.

Medea ways of revenge are extreme and tactless. Jason is portrayed as a weak and insensitive character since he leaves his wife to marry a more beautiful woman only seeking what is best for him. Jason is depicted as the opposite of Medea since Medea is a very strong and confident woman.Jason tells Medea “you could have stayed in Corinth, still lived in this house, if u had quietly accepted the decision of those in power. Well, you’re angry words don’t upset me; go on as long as you like reciting Jason’s crimes. ” This shows that Jason is heartless because he tells Medea that she should have not spoken of what he did. How can a person not argue or retaliate to these actions.

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He is also portrayed as emotionless since he says that her words don’t upset him.

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