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Air Force One Movie Review

Air Force one is movie released way back in 1997. It is about how a president was able to save himself, family, and allies from the people who hijacked his plane.

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Air Force One Movie Review

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. They want to negotiate and have their leader General Ivan Radek released from prison.The movie starts with some signs of terrorism and attacks of the president then when everything was amended and the president was on his way back to America with his family, secretaries, and his members. A group of terrorist who plans to hijack the plane disguised as press and was able to board the plan along with a spy who works with them.

They started killing the escorts and security personnel of the president then declared them as hostage. The president immediately went to a secure emergency pod guided by his people but further into the story it was revealed that he didn’t leave the plane.He stayed there to save his fellow people and family. He then planned what to do to save them. He started by slowly killing each terrorist that goes down in the basement of the plane as he tries to connect to the white house to strategize on what to do and get help from the outside. And indeed he was successful and he was able to tell his team what to do and his team followed. There were a lot of fight scenes as he tries to win against the bad guys and despite of many obstacles he remained calmed, always thinking of the next step and never giving up hope.

The president was indeed a remarkable leader because of how he handled the situation. He stayed in the plane which shows his selflessness and because he knows that if he stayed there the chances of having more people saved is higher. As he was thinking of ways to get out of the plane it showed his intelligence like in one of the scenes that he realized that he has to land the plane no matter what and to do that he has to drain the fuel. When that didn’t work when the plane was being refuelled mid air the plane dropped to a certain level and he was able to free the hostages by releasing them with parachutes.In the white house his members and the vice president was doing really well following his orders. The vice President Kathryn Bennett portrayed by Glenn Close was very loyal to the president and as a leader herself she stick to the rules that they don’t negotiate with terrorists and she believed in the president that the plan will work out

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