Essays on Freedom Writers

Essays on Freedom Writers

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Freedom Writers Reflective

Freedom Writers Reflection The movie “Freedom Writers” has many differences and similarities between various cultures. In Mrs. G’s classroom there are several mixed cultures and gangs in the class. Each of the cultures sit with what is their culture and gang. None of the cultures …

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Reflection Paper about Freedom Writers

People spend a good portion of their lives learning. We all sit in classrooms, we observe, we listen, and while there is someone there for us, someone to shed light on, to teach, and to guide. There is without a doubt that teachers are an …

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Freedom Writers

The movie Freedom Writers (directed by Richard LaGravenese , starring Hilary Swank as Erin Gruwell an excited new teacher, Scott Glenn as Steve Gruwell (Erins father), Imelda Staunton as Margaret Vail (department head), Patrick Dempsey as Scott Casey (Erins husband), Mario as Andre (student), and …

FreedomFreedom Writers
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Racism & Freedom Writers

When I was reading the section of Racism in Multicultural Class, the facilitator’s way of handling the subject “Racism” reminds me ‘’Freedom Writers” the movie, which is based on a book of Erin Gruwell -a new teacher at Woodrow Wilson High School in Long Beach. …

FreedomFreedom Writers
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Discrimination in the Movie “Freedom Writers”

There is an obvious discrimination shown in the movie “Freedom Writers”, where everybody hates everybody and they got no choice but to live in a world full of pandemonium. Random cultural implications are shown in the movie. Where one has to accept his/her society since …

FreedomFreedom Writers
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The Freedom Writers Diary

The Freedom Writers Essay- Chloe Taylor How are different cultures represented in Freedom Writers? What values and attitudes do we draw from the film and its background? Cultures are shown and exposed to us in various ways everyday. Different cultures are represented in different ways …

FreedomFreedom Writers
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