Essays on The 5th Wave

Essays on The 5th Wave

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The 5th Wave Review

They had one goal. To wipe out all humans and take over our planet. The first wave that came through was an EMP that fried any electronic equipment. All the planes flying in the air crashed, all the cars driving stopped. the whole world came …

The 5th Wave
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What is the theme of the 5th wave?
The 5th Wave is about finding humanity even in the most difficult of times. Humans have been nearly exterminated and those who remain must ask themselves if any other humans are still alive.
How does Cassie die in the last star?
Cassie gives up her life to save The Others' satellite and save the rest of humanity. Evan and Ben care for her brother. Ringer has a child that she decides Cassie will be named in her honor.

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