Agribusiness: A Systematic Structure for Stable Agriculture

Last Updated: 19 Apr 2023
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Agribusiness as a way of life Agribusiness for me is a systematic structure of well coordinated and oriented subsystems which makes the agriculture stable. Agribusiness can be viewed as a system, in which it compose of many subsystems. In agriculture where crops are cultivated to produce crops, the agribusiness plays an important role to distribute those crops in proper places at high value. Well, we all know that agriculture doesn't only involve in crops but also in poultry and livestock, fishery and forestry.

It also plays an important role of the daily lives of the people, where the incessant interaction and circulation of commodities is discerned. Without Agribusiness, goods and services will not be delivered to various consumers and the needs and wants of the people cannot be attained. Agribusiness is tantamount to open system which composes of various subsystems. And in order for the system to be viable, its subsystem should also be viable. Any system has its own gaps and weaknesses that may lead the whole system to collapse.

And it is obvious that to prevent the whole system to collapse, the operation of each and every subsystem should be well orchestrated, well coordinated and lastly well synchronized to make the whole system viable as it should be. By effective coordination and synergism, agribusiness as viable open system can be attained. The importance of agribusiness as a field of discipline is that we will discern the gaps and weaknesses of our career in which we could devise some individual developmental plan to improve ourselves as well mounded individual, highly competitive meeting national and global needs.

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Due to ineffable importance of agribusiness in people's daily lives. Many improvements were developed to make human needs, wants and activities much more accessible and easier leading to global industrialization. Annually, investments trends, prospects or development in agribusiness continuously devised to sustain domestic and global needs. The current investment trend or developments in Agribusiness is the "Biotech investment trend in Europe and Asia for 2012" in which it is stated that the

E companies are finally following US and also Japanese organizations in improving their purchase in "agro-biotechnology' inside Asia. Although simply no precise figures can be obtained, estimates coming from different options indicate in which biotechnology purchase by E firms inside Asia provides increase coming from US dollars 230 million inside 1993 to be able to US dollar 270 thousand in 1995. The growing investment is combined with an increasing variety in business projects. (www. Investment-trend. Bloodspot. Com)

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