The Freedom Riders, a Group a People Who Took a Bus to the South to Stop Segregation

Last Updated: 07 Jan 2023
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In the 1960s, there was a group of people who were trying to stop segregation by taking a bus and traveling to the southern states. The purpose was to test Southern compliance with federal rules about interstate travel. They are called “the Freedom Riders.” Many years later, the students at Long Beach High school were inspired by the Freedom Riders, and they started to against segregation for their freedom by writing diaries. They are called “the Freedom Writers.” “The Freedom Riders” was the origin of the students’ name which was “the Freedom Writers.” Even though the Freedom Writers and the Freedom Riders were different in some ways, they had more similarities than differences. First of all, one of the differences is the method. The Freedom Riders protested in a more direct way which was taking a bus in person. It was very dangerous because they openly resisted the force which supported the segregation, they were most likely to be attacked even beaten to death. On the other hand, the Freedom Writers used their pens to write diaries, and shared their experiences with people. Secondly, their backgrounds were different. In the 1960s, segregation was severer than the situation which the Freedom Writhers were in, because during the 1960s, segregation appeared almost everywhere, like bus stations, restaurants, and other public places, even hospitals. Thirdly, because of their different backgrounds and methods, the Freedom Riders were in a more dangerous situation that they could be beaten to death at any time.

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They were testing the law, and faced with a lot of mobs. Obviously, there were more dangerous factors in the 1960s. On the other hand, the Freedom Riders and the Freedom Writhers had more similarities than differences. First of all, the reason why their names both include the word “Freedom” is because they were both fighting for it. They were trying to against segregation, using different ways to shake peoples’ values and defeat the discrimination of races. Furthermore, they were both taking a risk of violence. For the Freedom Riders, they had to show their determinations to the people and the country even if they were going to die. For the Freedom Writers, they had to survive the Gang War. For example, they had to keep alive from any unexpected shooting and fights. Finally, they never gave up, the Freedom Riders had been attacked for several times during the travel, but they still initiated a Freedom Ride of their own. Although they were beaten almost to death, they never fight back to show their desire of freedom. The Freedom Writers also insisted to sharing their experiences by writing dairies, to fight for freedom. In a word, the Freedom Riders and the Freedom Writers had more similarities than differences, because they were all fighting for their freedom. The fight for freedom would never stop until the segregation is dead forever.

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