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What is advertisement? Advertisement is Paid, non-personal, public communication about causes, goods and services, ideas, organizations, people, and places, through means such as direct mail, telephone, print, radio, television, and internet. Objective of advertisement are to inform, persuade and motivate potential customers, but also has a strategic significance for the company’s image in whole or brand the product belongs. Advertisement strategies are varying among the regions. The types of advertisement used in a region are depending on its culture, norms, religion, tradition and language.

The advertisement that are used in Western and Asia is very different in every aspect. I will take Coca-Cola to compare strategies of advertisement that have been used in western and Asia. In Asian countries Coca-Cola’s strategy is mostly depend on entertainment and youths. But in Western countries the strategy is a bit different. They try to promote the drink is healthy and safe to drink. Even Coca-Cola has introduced Diet Coke to attract people in Western country. The Western people more take care about their health compare to Asians.

So they have to show the drink is suitable for a healthy lifestyle. Another important aspect of Coca-Cola Company’s advertisement in Western countries is they like to use woman and sex element. Most of their advertisements are with sexy ladies who are models or actresses holding the drink or holding it in their hand. In Western countries it is very normal to promote a product in this way. But in Asian countries it is very hard to do such advertisement because most countries have strict regulations and very religious.

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Asian countries give importance to cultural values and they are against sex elements in advertisement. Coca-Cola’s advertisement in Asian countries gives importance to youths and youngsters. They advertisement normally shows that they will get new energy after drink it. They will so energetic and can do things without getting tired. But in Western countries they give importance to all. Even they use children also in advertisement to attract them to drink Coca-Cola. The company give equal importance to adults also.

The Coca-Cola’s advertisement in Asia also gives importance to Asian festivals and celebration. For every festival and celebration like Chinese New Year, Independence Day, Christmas and so on Coca-Cola will introduce new advertisement to promote their product. Sometimes they insert the cultural values in these advertisements. But in Western countries the situation is very different. Cultural values of Asians and Western people are very different. So large companies like Coca-Cola have to differentiate their advertisement according to region to survive and lead the market.

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