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Coca Cola Advertising

Essay Topic:

Strengths 1. The best global brand in the world in terms of value. According to Interbrand, The Coca Cola Company is the most valued ($77,839 billion) brand in the world. 2. World’s largest market share in beverage. Coca Cola holds the largest beverage market share in the world (about 40%). 3.

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Strong marketing and advertising. Coca Cola’ advertising expenses accounted for more than $3 billion in 2012 and increased firm’s sales and brand recognition. 4.

Most extensive beverage distribution channel. Coca Cola serves more than 200 countries and more than 1. 7 billion servings a day. 5. Customer loyalty. The firm enjoys having one of the most loyal consumer groups. 6. Bargaining power over suppliers. The Coca Cola Company is the largest beverage producer in the world and exerts significant power over its suppliers to receive the lowest price available from them. 7. Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

Coca Cola is increasingly focusing on CSR programs, such as recycling/packaging, energy conservation/climate change, active healthy living, water stewardship and many others, which boosts company’ social image and result in competitive advantage over competitors. Weaknesses 1. Significant focus on carbonated drinks. The Coca Cola Company is still focusing on selling Coke, Fanta, Sprite and other carbonated drinks. This strategy works in short term as consumption of carbonated drinks will grow in emerging economies but it will prove weak as the world is fighting obesity and is moving towards consuming healthier food and drinks. . Undiversified product portfolio. Unlike most company’s competitors, Coca Cola is still focusing only on selling beverage, which puts the firm at disadvantage. The overall consumption of soft drinks is stagnating and Coca Cola Company will find it hard to penetrate to other markets (selling food or snacks) when it will have to sustain current level of growth. 3. High debt level due to acquisitions. Nearly $8 billion of debt acquired from CCE’s acquisition significantly increased Coca Cola’s debt level, interest rates and borrowing costs. . Negative publicity. The firm is often criticized for high water consumption in water scarce regions and using harmful ingredients to produce its drinks. 5. Brand failures or many brands with insignificant amount of revenues. Coca Cola currently sells more than 500 brands but only few of the brands result in more than $1 billion sales. Plus, the firm’s success of introducing new drinks is weak. Many of its introduction result in failures, for example, C2 drink.

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