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Angela Martin GP- To Advertise SP- To Advertise to my audience the benefits of using Febreze odor eliminating products CI- Febreze is a brand of household odor eliminator manufactured by Proctor & Gamble that is a highly-effective odor remover for cooking, animal, work and smoke odors. A home is truly the heart of the family, so having a home that’s happy, good-smelling, and comfortable and clean is important to life. Febreze Odor Eliminator can help you breathe a lot easier in your home. Febreze just doesn’t cover up odors; it penetrates deep into fabrics and the air to eliminate odors and leaves a light fresh scent.

Using Febreze is just another way to make you breathe happy and keep your surroundings smelling fresh. For this reason, I’d like to share with you some of the benefits of using Febreze Odor Eliminating products. In the next few minutes, I will discuss: 1) What Febreze is and where it comes from; 2) The active ingredients that makes it work; and 3) The safety and the availability of Febreze products. I. In 1998, Procter and Gamble (P&G) introduced a new household product intended to enable consumers to remove odors from fabrics A.

Febreze is classified as an air freshener by Proctor and Gamble 1. According to Chemical and Engineering News, Procter & Gamble introduced a cyclodextrin-containing fabric spray called Febreze. When sprayed on a fabric, some of the cyclodextrins in the product release a pleasant fragrance. 2. This product uses a compound called cyclodextrin, which has a cone-shape which allows it to trap volatile molecules that cause odors. B. All kinds of Febreze, scented or unscented, have the same active ingredient. It is beta-cyclodextrin, which is a carbohydrate. 1.

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Specifically, it is an eight-sugar ringed molecule that is made during the conversion of starch. 2. It is typically made from the starch found in corn 3. The cornfields of the Midwest make cleaning products, too! II. Febreze works well in the home or car. No matter where you find musty or smelly fabric, Febreze can eliminate the odors quickly without leaving a heavy residue of its own scent. A. Febreze is safe for nearly all fabric surfaces and odors fade away as Febreze dries. 1. Febreze works well without added side effects like overbearing smell or skin allergies.

Angela Martin 2. The ASPCA considers Febreze safe in households with dogs and cats when used as directed. B. After the launch of Febreze, rumors spread on the Internet that it is dangerous to household pets, such as dogs. According to Snopes. com, these rumors are false. 1. The National Animal Poison Control Center have no evidence that Febreze, when used according to label instructions is harmful to pets 2. Veterinary toxicology experts working for the ASPCA Animal Poison Control Center consider Febreze fabric freshener products to be safe for use in homes with pets. 3. t’s approved by the ASPCA for use around cats and dogs since December, 1998 and does not contain Zinc Chloride. III. Whereas candles once dominated the category, home air fresheners have driven the growth over the past several years. A. Innovation--primarily in the air freshener segment--has propelled the growth of the overall market, says PF publisher Tatiana Mermen. "Consumers have fallen in love with technological gadget diffuser devices as well as the more passive reed diffusers," 1. The recession has taught a lot of us what we can live without and what we can't.

Air freshener, it appears, is in the second category. 2. Among sprays, IRI-reported mass sales for Febreze Air Effects, introduced in 2004, reached $70. 6 million last year, eclipsing Ousts mass sales of $45. 9 million, PF reports. B. Febreze comes in a variety of sizes and strengths Regular strength (500ml), Extra Strength (500ml) Extra Strength (1 liter). There is also a small handy size (100ml) 1. Febreze Odor Eliminating products are sold at your neighboring stores: a. CVS, Targets, Walgreens, and Giant Eagle are some stores that sell Febreze b.

Febreze products can also be purchased online. 2. The product initially sold poorly until P;G realized that people had become accustomed to the smells in their own homes, then switched to linking it to pleasant smells and cleaning habits to produce the successful product. a. To conclude Febreze was the first successful product in this new field of fabric cleaning, and it does work. b. Remember this is a superb convenience product that if used according to instructions works well, it is not a replacement to cleaning itself. Angela Martin

In the last few minutes, I have discussed; 1) What Febreze is and where it comes from; 2) The active ingredients that Febreze contains; and 3) The safety an availability of Febreze. The makers of Procter and Gamble suggest Febreze can safely and effectively be used on car seats, sofas, curtains, clothes, sports shoes, and pet bedding as examples. In today’s modern world and busy lifestyles there are a vast range of convenience products to make life easier and Febreze is just one such item. It claims to safely remove odors from various fabrics, upholstery and surroundings.

One thing I will point out in my opinion that you should bear in mind; this is NO SUBSTITUTE or replacement for clean air but it sure smells like it with Febreze. BIBLIOGRAPHY 1. "Febreze review". Ciao Shopping Intelligence. Retrieved September 14, 2001. 2. "Chemical Functional Definitions - Cyclodextrin". Procter;Gamble. 2005. 3. Uncomplexed cyclodextrin solutions for odor control on inanimate surfaces. US Pat. No. 5,714,137. Filed 1994; assigned 1998. 4. . "Ask the Expert: Poison Control - Febreze". ASPCA. 2012. Retrieved 2012-0219.

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