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Job Interview Speech Outline

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Specific Purpose: To inform my audience how to effectively use verbal and nonverbal communication in a job interview. Organizational Pattern: Time Introduction Attention- Getting Opening: If you had a job interview tomorrow, what’s going to be the main thing running through your mind? For most people, it’s the questions they are going to ask. Job seekers spend most of their time rehearsing questions and answers in advance to not get caught off guard; but in reality, the difference between getting the job or not can be not from what you say, but how you say it and what your body is communicating.

You can say many wonderful things about yourself, but your body language or speaking style may say otherwise. Preview: These are the three key points to effectively using verbal and nonverbal communication in a job interview. 1. You must show confident, calm, and moderate body language. 2. You should use a professional and well-mannered speaking style. 3. You should dress appropriately and moderate. Transition: To begin with… Body I. You must show confident, calm, and moderate body language. A. First Impressions 1. Make a calm and confident entrance a.

Over 90% of our communication is nonverbal, according to body language expert Susan Constantine (6) b. You never know who is watching. c. The interview starts even before you get to the interview room 2. Waiting a. Sit up straight and chest open b. Don’t have too many things on your lap 3. Handshake a. Don’t overdo the death grip. Moderate but assertive. b. Slightly submissive c. Prepare belongings to your left to easily shake with right hand. B. Starting the interview 1. Use “open” body language a. Sit up straight, displaying your neck and torso. b.

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Avoid seeming closed off. c. Job search expert Amanda Augustine says to avoid overcorrecting as leaning back can be seen as boredom or lack of interest, but leaning too forward can be seen as threatening (2) 2. Hand gestures a. Natural and open hand placement b. Don’t seem closed off by putting them in pockets, behind your back, or crossing your arms. c. Above desk and below collarbone to appear calm and not frantic. 3. Eye contact a. Locking eyes for too long can be seen as creepy and aggressive. b. It’s okay to break eye contact when appropriate. C. Departing . Gather yourself calmly and smoothly 2. Shaking hands Transition: Now that we’ve talked about body language, let’s see how the way you say things is just as important as what you’re saying II. You should use a professional and well-mannered speaking style. A. Speaking style 1. Pace a. refers to the speed of delivery b. speak at a brisk pace that is neither too fast or slow c. sound comfortable and relaxed like a normal conversation. 2. Volume d. Maintain comfortable volume e. Match the interviewers volume f. Sound authoritative confident 3. Enthusiasm g. efers to the energy and passion in your voice h. show your interest 4. Variation i. Don’t sound monotone or boring j. Change the speed and tempo, or even volume. 5. Pronunciation k. Be articulate l. Don’t mumble and pronounce all words clearly 6. Pausing m. Brief gaps when you speak allow the interviewer to absorb what you say and give them the opportunity to ask additional questions without interrupting you. n. Avoid vocal fillers. B. Listening 1. Don’t interrupt 2. Let the interviewer lead the interview 3. Ask for clarification Transition: Now on to the easiest part.

Look good! But don’t overdo it. III. You should dress appropriately and moderate. A. Conservative 1. Limited jewelry 2. Solid colors 3. Conservative tie, blouse, shoes, etc. 4. According to Kim Zoller at Image Dynamics, 55% of another person's perception of you is based on how you look. (3) B. Presentability 1. Neatly ironed and pressed clothing 2. Fits properly 3. Grooming a. Hair b. nails Transition: Now instead of worrying only on what you’re going to say, I you’ll all remember how nonverbal communication, the way you speak, actually play a bigger role than you thought.

Conclusion Summary: Today we have learned how to effectively use verbal and nonverbal communication in a job interview. 1. You must show confident, calm, and moderate body language. 2. You should use a professional and well-mannered speaking style. 3. You should dress appropriately and moderate. Memorable Concluding Remarks Now, I hope we’ve all learned and realized that what you say is only one of the many factors in getting the job and that body language, speaking style, and how you dress is just as important, if not even more so.

Next time you get a chance at a new job; don’t spend so much time creating the perfect answers to those tricky questions. It’s not what you say, it’s how you say it. Remain calm, confident, and let your body do the talking. References Cited 1. Ordona, Robert. "Email to a Friend. " Effective Body Language in a Job Interview. Monster, xxxssssxn. d. Web. 20 Feb. 2013. 2. Casserly, Meghan. "10 Body Language Tics That Could Cost You The Interview. " Forbes. sssssssssForbes Magazine, 26 Sept. 2012. Web. 20 Feb. 2013. 3. Doyle, Alison. "Dressing ForA Success. " About. om Job Searching. About, n. d. Web. 20 eeeeeeeeFeb. 2013. 4. Potthit, Carma. "Verbal Communication Skills Interview Tips. " Resume. Lifetips, n. d. Web. dddddd20 Feb. 2013. 5. Jones, Adwoa. "Making Your Verbal Communication Count In The Job Interview. " Crystal ssssssssClear Interviews Job Interviews How To Interview For A Job Job Interview ssssssssQuestions Answers and Tips RSS. Crystal Clear Interview, 28 July 2012. Web. 20 ssssssssFeb. 2013. 6. Roney, Luke. "7 Signals to Send During Your Next Job Interview. " US News RSS. US 222222News, 28 Feb. 2012. Web. 20 Feb. 2013.

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