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The advert I am studying for my media studies is the 'Renault Clio'. When I first saw this advert of the 'Renault Clio' I automatically recognised the 'Renault' logo. This is brilliantly contrasted with the blue tone of the advert which is the sky and reflected off of the buildings. Everything is blurred except from the clear and crisp 'Renault Clio'. I think this is because the car has excellent road holding as the car is travelling at speed round the corner, also the photographer has made the advert blurry and panned in the background to also make the car reliable, safe and controllable.

The car has just come round the corner and the car has no problem or trouble taking the corner with speed and acceleration. At the top of the advert the advert next to the bold yellow Renault logo the words 'Createur D' Automobiles' were printed and gives the advert a touch of class in my opinion. The slogan 'It Only Takes A Few Seconds To Realise A Diesel Can Have Va Va Voom'. In my opinion this is a brilliant slogan because it has got away with what people think of diesel engines slow and dirty.

It changes your opinion because it uses humour for example 'Va Va Voom' in my opinion this has been a good few words to say the car is pretty nippy. Then I looked at the smaller writing as I wanted to find out more from this clever advert. After I finished reading this I gathered to think this car was for someone who wanted the latest technology and also wanted to keep up with the Jones'. As the opening quote says 'State of the art diesel engine' as some people want the very latest cars and technology.

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The car is also environmentally friendly as there is such a big issue about the environment these days. Which I think will make a very good selling point. The second quote has the words 'has unbeaten CO2 and fuel consumption' which indicates the new technology and state of the art engines. Some people are also worried about then noise that most diesels have, but the advert deals with this by saying it is a very quiet.

The advert clearly says that 'You will only hear a sound when it gasps with surprise of when it needs filling up', this suggests that the 'Clio' rarely needs filling up. For the last quote the advert has a sentence saying 'It doesn't feel like a run - of - the - mill diesel either, Or sounds like one', To me this is implying that most diesel cars are noisy and uncomfortable to drive and be a passenger in. This is quoting that this diesel car is not like any other diesel it is a smooth, comfortable and a quiet drive.

In my opinion this advert is using psychological tactics effectively and I believe this advert is aimed at a target to people who want environmentally friendly car suitable for the city and town as a city run around or 2nd car this is probably for a younger person or for an old aged pensioner who only uses it to get his groceries. I don't think this car would be suitable for a family car because it is too small and the space in the boot, legroom and seats are not efficient.

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