Advantages Of Using Nanotechnology

Last Updated: 19 Dec 2022
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Nano technology is already being used as a weapon in the US Navy that is aboard the USS ponce. This Laser weapon can be used to precisely shoot down missiles and aircrafts. The weapon has already been tested on an unmanned aircraft. This weapon is a result of nanotechnology and is already paving the path to weapons that can be lethal or set to stun. Nanotechnology refers to the study of manipulating matter from 1-100 nanometers which is pretty small. Nano tech takes two main approaches the Bottom-up approach and the Top-down approach. In the Bottom-up approach things build themselves up and in the Top-down approach nano-objects are constructed from larger entities.

Brazil, Chile, China, India, the Philippines, South Korea, South Africa and Thailand have already invested in nanotechnology by founding government funded facilities specifically for nanotechnology. This is one step closer to nanotechnology in the real world. Mexico and argentina are also moving towards nanotechnology in the real world as they have research facilities but not any official government funded programs. The advancements in nanotechnology will help the advancements in medicine by understanding the function of molecules and the origin of disease, this has lead to improvements in drug design and the targeting of disease. This understanding could help us cure medical disorders like cancer and other dangerous diseases.

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We already use nanotechnology in our daily lives. Believe it or not the manufacturing businesses are using nanotech to make polymers and the design of computer chip layouts are also nanotechnology. Nanotechnology is predicted to have the potential to increase the efficiency of energy. Nanotechnology is predominate over other technologies in nearly every way. Nanotechnology is lighter faster and smaller than other technologies. Nanotechnologies are also surprisingly stronger than there more bulky successors. For example medieval artists used the small particles in silver and gold to tint the stained glass windows in churches. Although they didnt know it, they used nanotechnology before cars were invented.

The obvious difference in nanotechnology vs regular technology like an Iphone is that nanotechnology is much smaller and really shouldn't be called technology. Scientists classify nanotechnology as technology biology science and many different areas of research. In most cases nanotechnology is used in biology and science and occasionally in the technological industry. Nanotechnology compared to something like an iphone is very different. The reason they are so different is because nanotechnology can be used to manipulate a molecule and make it into something faster stronger and better in every way. Most technologies already use nanotechnologies in there hardware. Nanotechnology is used to make computer chips and the hardware that your iphone screen is made up of.

Since nanotechnology is so new there are so many ways it could improve. Scientists are unsure whether nanotechnology could lead to replicating diamonds or food or if it will devour the world in self replicating nano robots. Nanotechnology could lead to something called molecular manufacturing(it is basically a replicator).The goal of molecular manufacturing is to manipulate atoms individually and place them in a pattern to produce a desired structure. Nanotechnologies can contribute to stronger, lighter, cleaner, and “smarter” surfaces and systems. Nanotechnologies are already being used to produce scratch proof eyeglasses, crack-resistant paints, anti-graffiti coatings for walls, transparent sunscreens, etc. Because of this nanotechnologies can be used to help cars be more safe by increasing the adhesiveness on a nanoscale.

Nanotechnology is very environmentally safe that said there are still some harmful effects of nanotechnology on a cellular level. This will minimize the consumption of nanotechnology a lot if we don't stop this. so nanotechnology could be improved to not have harmful effects on the environment on a cellular level. Water purifiers that use nanotechnology are already exceeding the water purifiers we use today this is because nanotechnology can purify the water on a nanoscale instead of the scale that regular water purifiers clean our water this will help the average person a lot obviously because you need water to survive. If we make nanotechnology fueled water purifiers less expensive we could give fresh and free water to everyone that needs it such as kids in africa and homeless people.

Another improvement to nanotechnology that needs to happen is working on a way to make them less toxic to human health. There are always risks and advantages in everything but the risks to nano technology could be fatal this is why we need to improve the way we work with nano technology and find a way to make it more predictable. Nanotechnology is being used by the Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies (ISN) at MIT. ISN is looking to “pursue a long-range vision for how technology can make soldiers less vulnerable to enemy and environmental threats. The ultimate goal is to create a 21st century battlesuit that combines high-tech capabilities with light weight and comfort.” Nanotechnology being used in warfare is still in its infancy but has already made some advancement in the fields of communications, strength and soldier protection.

Nanotechnology can be used to strengthen and improve kevlar(the desired military “armor/protection” over bullets) this is exactly what the Institute for Soldier Nanotechnologies (ISN) at MIT is trying to do as they strive for better armor for every soldier to use. Nanotechnology is also being put in the suits, ISN is trying to create, to protect from dangerous chemical or biological weapons that might be used on the battlefield. 

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