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Advantages of Using Ict in Learning Process at Higher

Assignment 1 Academic Writing Skills BBB3301 NAMA : ABDUL IYAD SHUKREE MATRIC NO : UK250 COURSE : COMPUTER SCIENCE OF SOFTWARE ENGINEERING LECTURE NAME : CIK WAN NURHAFEZA WAN SALAM TOPIC : ADVANTAGES OF USING ICT IN LEARNING PROCESS AT HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTIONS TOPIC 1 : Higher education institution is a place where the student that past the high school with the good result gathered together. Local university or private college became a dream place for student to continue their study.

Higher education institute is totally different to them compare to school life.

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At this stages , they will face a new place , variety of course subject and different way of teaching. If we focus on different way of teaching , Information Communication Technology (ICT) became a main role for a learning process. ICT has been chosen because of several reasons that are enables to gain information and knowledge faster and further , supports information and knowledge sharing on a large scale and save our time and cost in a learning process.

ICT will continued act as a catalyst in advancing education growth and backbone to education in higher institution. As stated in “Effective Blended Learning for Development”, article by Charles Meguire and Jiping Zhang ,even the barriers of distance and time , the ICT will overcome this resistance to gain a new information and knowledge and significantly improve their accessibility. For a result , information and knowledge can be sharing faster. Besides that , ICT becomes a gold key to achieve a main goal for a higher education institution as place that provide first class learning rocess. Without worry the barriers of distance , ICT can make a students able to attend and understanding a topic in a class even do not take part in a class. According to article by Elyssa Krosski , “Advantages of online class” , by a online class or video conference, student can access and attend the online anywhere. Other than that, there are no limits for student on online class so ICT gathered a student even across a worldwide. Students today prefer to use a email or social network to exchange information and sending a message.

This situation should be used as a advantage for higher education institution to attract their student interest in learning process by using an ICT. As a conclusion , ICT need to be used by a higher education institution because of the ICT enables to gain information and knowledge faster and further , support information and knowledge sharing on a huge scale and save our cost and time in a learning process. In future , ICT will be standard method to use in learning process in each education institute and not only able in university and college.

At the same time , ICT need to be improve from time to time to make sure the using of ICT in learning process keep reasonable. The government need to cooperate together with academic expert to make ICT become a reality and can give a advantage to all people. Works Cited : Meguire,C. , and Zhang,J. , “Effective Blended Learning for Development” http://www. jointokyo. org/files/cms/news/pdf/s2_benefits_v7. pdf Kroski. E. , “Advantage of Online Class” 10th January 2012, http://oedb. org/library/distance-vs-local/10-advantages-to-taking-online-classes